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episode 167: 167: Becoming Visible: Exposing The Hidden Gems Inside Of Us With Anna Feldman

It takes courage to become visible to the world and expose the truth of who you are. Transformation coach and facilitator, Anna Feldman shares her beautiful and inspiring stories growing up with vitiligo and how she accepted and used it as a source of courage and tenacity. From her experiences, Anna found some strategies on how to become visible in an unstoppable way and express fully who we are. Her Heart of Visibility program could change your perspective about the hidden gems inside of us...



episode 166: 166: Becoming A Social Media Influencer With Lauren Bath

Instagram has grown to more than 1 billion monthly users. Social media has given us this platform to build relationships and influence at a far greater capacity than ever before. In this podcast episode, host Mitch Russo talks with professional Instagrammer and social media influencer Lauren Bath. Lauren is from Australia and deemed Australia’s first professional Instagrammer as a photographer who’s focused on becoming a social media influencer...



episode 165: 165: Creating Your Best Life With Zachary Babcock

From living with convicted felons in prison to rubbing elbows with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, our guest was, at one point in his life, known as Prisoner Number 1150996. He achieved that lofty title by stealing a car. In this episode, host Mitch Russo talks with the creator of Underdog Empowerment, Zachary Babcock, about surviving the hard life in jail and how things have changes since then...



episode 164: 164: Starting Startups: Life Of A Startup Founder with Kelly Fitzsimmons

In reality, life as a startup founder is all about dealing with crisis after crisis. Even the most seasoned founders can get disoriented or worse, suffer from overload. Serial entrepreneur Kelly Fitzsimmons was headed for a breakdown at one point until it became a life and death experience. In the throes of despair, she rallied and came back, but not without the scars of a warrior still fresh. She tells her tale not to entertain, but to teach you the way through...



episode 163: 163: Seven Deadliest Communication Sins with Skip Weisman

Bestselling author of the book, Overcoming the 7 Deadliest Communication Sins, Skip Weisman, shares the ebb and flow of his sports career and life in general. Just like many CEOs, he started from the bottom and earned his way to the top running his baseball team. Skip shares his strategies in marketing for games through media exposure and joint ventures, with the highlight of his career is developing his strategy in leading a team by conceptualizing the seven deadliest communication sins...



episode 162: 162: Investing In Real Estate With Jason Hartman

Business success is largely about the model of the business and not about the industry or anything else. Investing in real estate can provide you highest returns, greatest values, and the least risk. A master of real estate investing and the CEO of, Jason Hartman shares his tactics and tips in real estate investing by building his own network...


 11 October 2019  44m

episode 161: 161: Attracting Influencers with Cloris Kylie

Being a positive magnet to many people means you have something great and impactful to offer them. Cloris Kylie, a master marketer with a bestselling book and a powerful podcast with Network and YouTube, teaches us the steps on how to become an influencer and how to deliver the biggest impact to your target audience. Going deep into the tactics that will help you reveal your true magnificence, she explains what borrowed influence, value proposition, and CRM systems are all about...


 04 October 2019  39m

160: Discovering Your Better Self with Ron Baker

Teaching others how to be attuned to their personal intuition is what Ron Baker has been striving to do to help make this world a better place. Ron is a bioenergetics therapist, speaker, author, and healing practitioner. In this episode, he shares his emotional life story of how he overcame childhood wounding to how he discovered the gifts that made him who is today. He also shares the amazing lessons he learned from different teachers and experiences around the world...


 27 September 2019  48m

159: The Inception Close: How To Get The Buyer To Make The Close with Oren Klaff

Every business needs capital for growth. However, if you don't know how to get people to want your company or sign contracts with you, then how can you succeed? Change the way you think about raising capital and closing sales forever with a powerful paradigm shift from best-selling author and Pitch Master, Oren Klaff. Oren is a successful investment banker who has helped companies raise capital and sell their big ideas...


 20 September 2019  45m

158: Halle Eavelyn on How A Spiritual Awakening Built Her A Thriving Business

Living the ups and downs of everyday life can seem senseless, until it doesn’t. For Halle Eavelyn, it is a spiritual transformation that took her from free-falling without the certainty of a net into trusting the universe to take care of her. Now, Halle is helping others to shift their entire world and level up as a transformational coach. She narrates her own journey of her spiritual awakening in Egypt from the slumber of taking on one job to another...


 13 September 2019  39m