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#124 - Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis Johnson was previously a software engineer at Patreon, Yelp, and Google. He’s now a YouTuber.


 01 May 2019  1h4m

#123 - Harry Zhang and Kevin Hale

Harry Zhang is the cofounder of Lob. Lob makes it possible for enterprises to programmatically send physical mail. They were in the Summer 2013 batch of YC.


 24 April 2019  41m

#122 - Max Rhodes and Anu Hariharan

Max Rhodes is the cofounder and CEO of Faire. Faire helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores. They were in the Winter 2017 batch of YC.


 17 April 2019  47m

#121 - David Lieb and Gustaf Alströmer

David Lieb is the Product Lead for Google Photos. Prior to working on Google Photos, David was the cofounder and CEO of Bump, which was in the Summer 2009 batch of YC.


 10 April 2019  56m

#120 - Austen Allred

Austen Allred is the CEO and cofounder of Lambda School. Lambda School provides a CS education that's free until you get a job.


 03 April 2019  1h0m

#119 - Amy Buechler and Michael Seibel

Amy Buechler is an executive coach for startup founders. Michael Seibel is a partner and the CEO of YC. In this episode we talk about coaching and use examples from Michael’s time working on Justin.tv and Socialcam.


 27 March 2019  53m

#118 - Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is a YouTuber. He has over 8 million subscribers to his channel MKBHD where he reviews electronics, drives electric vehicles, and interviews people such as Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates.


 21 March 2019  52m

#117 - Craig Cannon and Adora Cheung

Craig Cannon is the Director of Marketing at Y Combinator. He usually hosts the YC podcast but is the guest on this episode about podcasting.


 13 March 2019  1h7m

#116 - Domonique Fines and Cadran Cowansage

Domonique Fines is the Director of Events at YC. Cadran Cowansage is the cofounder and CEO of Elpha. Elpha is a private online community for women in tech.


 11 March 2019  21m

#115 - Mike Knoop and Kevin Hale

Mike Knoop is cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Zapier, which was in the YC Summer 2012 batch. Kevin Hale is a Visiting Partner at YC.


 06 March 2019  1h3m