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A podcast interviewing all different types of writers and asking one key question 'what's the one thing that elevated your writing to the next level?' Perfect for writers who want to learn how to improve their craft. Thanks for listening and if you like what you hear, please subscribe.


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#72 – Violeta M. Bagia – Write Through The Roof

Interview with paranormal author, Violeta M. Bagia “Whatever you do, you’re only going to get better by repeating it.” Episode 72 – Violeta M. Bagia – Show Notes Writes every day without fail Early morning writing time is the best Nice pair of shoes ar...



#71 – Debbie Young – Write Through The Roof

Interview with cosy mystery writer Debbie Young “Cosy mysteries are an antidote to the strains of modern life” Episode 71 – Debbie Young – Show Notes Short novels are her favourite form Journalistic background but mainly a pantser Writes a chapter a da...


 10 November 2019  31m

#70 – Write Through The Roof – R.R. Campbell

Episode 70 – interview with sci-fi author, podcaster and writing coach, RR Campbell. “There’s no Twitter, no email. The coffee is here. The time has come.” Episode 70 – Show Notes Meticulous planner rather than pantser – with scene by scene outlines.


 27 October 2019  29m

#69 – Alan Baxter – Write Through The Roof

Interview with Alan Baxter, writer of dark weird shit ‘Write caffeinated and edit drunk’ Episode 69 – Alan Baxter – Show Notes Baxter believes plotting and pantsing is a sliding scale. Vomit drafter but often edits a little before starting each day’s w...


 30 September 2019  27m

#68 – Lee Kofman – Write Through The Roof

Interview with Lee Kofman – author and writing teacher ‘In each draft I try to get one or two things right rather than everything.’ Episode 68 – Lee Kofman – Show Notes Creative non-fiction is her current favourite medium.


 18 August 2019  33m

#67 – Agnes Gomillion – Write Through The Roof

Interview with Afro-futurist writer Agnes Gomillion “I wanted people to reflect on their relative state of freedom.” Episode 67 – Agnes Gomillion – Show Notes Writes something every day – maybe poetry or notes but not necessarily her ‘work-in-progress’...


 04 August 2019  28m

#66 – Alison Morton – Write Through The Roof

Interview with alternative history novelist Alison Morton ‘Exercise your writing muscle in different ways on different days.’ Episode 66 – Alison Morton – Show Notes 30% plotter and 70% pantser Black moments: when it all falls apart for the main charac...


 20 July 2019  33m

#65 – Clare Flynn – Write Through The Roof

Podcast interview with historical novelist, Clare Flynn ‘Read everything I could get my little hands on.’ Episode 65 – Clare Flynn – Show Notes Instinctive pantser who occasionally tries to plot The first book took 15 years to write but now tries to be...


 07 July 2019  34m

#64 – Christopher Ruz – Write Through The Roof

Interview with horror and fantasy writer Christopher Ruz ‘Look for people who are one or two stages ahead of where you’re at.’ Episode 64 – Christopher Ruz – Show Notes Doesn’t know how to write short stories any more.


 23 June 2019  27m

#63 – Toby Neal – Write Through The Roof

Interview with best-selling romance & mystery writer Toby Neal ‘People are preoccupied by crime because we want to recognise the wolves in our midst’ Episode 63 – Toby Neal – Show Notes Writing is like a muscle – needs regular workouts 2000 words a day...


 09 June 2019  28m