Worstcase Scenario

A degenerate discussion about current events, pop culture, and depravity that takes place weekly on a porch in West Asheville, North Carolina with your host, the Foul Mouth Jerk, and his sidekicks, Adam Strange and Bird.


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Worstcase Scenario ep. 193 “Tide Pods & Whiskey: Just Say No”

We have special guests this week and instead of impeachment we just talk about drugs and more drugs. The Glenlivet is now available in tide pods and I can’t think of a more horrible way to imbibe a fine scotch that doesn’t involve the anus. I



Worstcase Scenario ep. 192 “Caucasity is the New Flatulence.”

Looks like Trump is finally getting impeached, but we never get around to talking about it. Instead we discuss whether or not “butt-munch” is a homophobic slur and how demeaning working at Wendy’s is. Life is hard but at least we have e



Worstcase Scenario ep. 191 “Reality Shits Itself”

Special Guest from New Orleans stops by and we discuss the dangers of drugs. We never did get a chance to save ET or clap those alien cheeks, but damn if this sentence wasn’t currently topical. It’s the Worstcase.



Worstcase Scenario ep. 189 “Dong-nado and the Chicken Bomb”

The news is horrible and bird is sad about it. did Epstein get a funeral? Did they shoot him from a canon into a preschool? Florida man finds something valuable in the sand. It’s the Worstcase……



Worstcase Scenario ep. 189 “Chik-Fill-A-Tio”

There is a strange “gel like” substance on the moon and there used to be human sized penguins. Some lame southern school principal is afraid of Harry Potter and Jerk has another killer movie idea. It’s the Worstcase…….


 03 September 2019  1h3m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 188 “Hasbro’s Before Ho’s”

What a week! Suge Knight no longer owns Death Row Records, but the new owners own G.I. Joe. This, plus a bunch of old men run a train in Connecticut. You know that means it’s the Worstcase…


 27 August 2019  1h0m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 187 “Trails”

Cops are mad because CBD flowers make it hard to prove which is the real weed, and people are being let free. Speaking of weed, Mike Tyson is trying to take it to the next level. Watch out for prairie dogs in Denver, it’s the Worstcase…


 20 August 2019  1h5m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 186 “Dear Ped-house Letters: Epstein Edition”

Who killed Epstein? Did he die? Did he sneak off on his Lolita Express and fly to Pedo Island? Was he jerkin’ it and forgot to stop choking himself? How many conspiracy theories will be born out of this. Let’s start counting them, cuz it̵


 13 August 2019  1h2m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 185 “I Agree With You, I Just Don’t Care”

We just talk about news and stuff, make some jokes, and generally just waste the hell out of an hour. All that and sex dolls too, it’s the worstcase….


 06 August 2019  1h5m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 184 “Be Funny and Fuck Good”

40 solid minutes of dick jokes. This is what our lives have become. Apparently it gets better, so tell your friends to stop trying to jump off these damn bridges. These bridges ain’t high enough to finish the job, it’s the worstcase….


 30 July 2019  1h7m