Worstcase Scenario

A degenerate discussion about current events, pop culture, and depravity that takes place weekly on a porch in West Asheville, North Carolina with your host, the Foul Mouth Jerk, and his sidekicks, Adam Strange and Bird.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h1m. Bisher sind 180 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Worstcase Scenario ep. 202 “Malarkey Teeth”

They did what to that duck? Why is Joe Biden so old timey? Why is everybody bitching about an exercise bike? Does anybody care? Who do you gotta blow to be teacher of the year? All this and more brah, it’s the worstcase…….



Worstcase Scenario ep. 201 “A Call To Inaction”

We live in a reality with real life super villains. Not the best topic for a comedy podcast. Meth? South Dakota is “on it”, but so is an r&b star from the 90’s. The president has been looking at Florida’s Governor a little to



Worstcase Scenario ep. 200 “You Can’t Unshit Those Pants”

Strange is selling BumJuice and Jerk is eating LSD again. Trump is writing Morrisey lyrics in big sharpie and we all know he did that shit. I can’t believe we still have listeners and we are putting out our 200th episode. It’s the Worstcase&#



Worstcase Scenario ep. 199 “Gentleman Shooters”

I honestly don’t remember what we talked about yesterday. I know it was something. Maybe Prince Andrew? He seems like a piece of shit. The president is still getting all impeached and memes are getting credit for Grammys. It’s the Worstcase&#



Worstcase Scenario ep. 198 “Cock Stool Diagram”

Ever wonder how to keep large testicles from touching toilet water while you poop? Probably not, but we’re gonna tell ya either way. Also, it works as a political metaphor. Trump is the toilet water and your balls are the constitution. It’s t



Worstcase Scenario ep. 197 “Epstien Didn’t Kill Himself”

Dr. Michael Baden says it was a homicide. Too many coincidences and too many fractured neck bones. The neck bones connected to the vast global conspiracy. Also in the news, people are having bad trips on purpose, cuz it’s the worstcase….


 05 November 2019  56m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 196 “First Podcast On The Right”

There is some guy getting rich selling diamond studded dildos, and somebody else selling gold ones. Jerk talks about strange animal sex stuff and we argue whether our not “auto-brewery disorder” is a real thing. Apparently some people can mak


 29 October 2019  1h8m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 195 “The iPhone Made Me Gay”

Impeachment season continues to build steam and a Russian man is suing Apple for allowing an app to suggest he might enjoy an alternative lifestyle. We learn about why you shouldn’t be using needles to make your junk look bigger, it’s the Wor


 23 October 2019  59m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 194 “Life Hacks”

Politics as usual, we take a long look at Trump’s upcoming impeachment and then discuss a NJ man that was trying to have sex with farm animals. Bird is back and you know it’s the Worstcase……


 15 October 2019  1h4m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 193 “Tide Pods & Whiskey: Just Say No”

We have special guests this week and instead of impeachment we just talk about drugs and more drugs. The Glenlivet is now available in tide pods and I can’t think of a more horrible way to imbibe a fine scotch that doesn’t involve the anus. I


 07 October 2019  1h5m