Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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episode 242: Episode 242 - The Crown s3: "It's Emily's Fault"

Why hello. It's time to talk about The Crown season 3: The cast change, the drama, the new PMs, and the intrigue of all things royal. 



episode 241: Episode 241 - Charlie's Angels: "I Love A Gadget Closet"

Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy this episode that is not at all about Thanksgiving, ignores it completely, and instead talks about the new Charlie's Angels movie. 



episode 240: Episode 240 - Netflix More Like This: “I Love an Algorithm!”

This week we each explored a show in the "More Like This" section of our favorite shows on Netflix. How good is that algorithm? Are the shows actually similar?



episode 239: Episode 239 - Gutsy Women: "It's Fine, We're Fine"

This week we're doing a mini book report! We each read a few sections of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's new book and we're here to tell you what we learned.



episode 238: Episode 238 - Protest Art: "None of It Brings Me Joy"

This week we're talking about art from the Bush era vs. art in the Trump era. Do trying times inspire great art? Is Green Day still good?


 07 November 2019  53m

Episode 237 - The Laundromat: "Flirt With the Boundary of the Law"

This week we're talking about the Netflix movie The Laundromat, starring Meryl Streep.  ...it was a movie people made. 


 31 October 2019  44m

Episode 236 - Media and Personalities: "Respect a Good Sass"

This week we're discussing how the books, movies, and tv shows we watch when we're kids impact our personalities. And we learn that Emily's coffee addiction is the fault of Gilmore Girls. 


 25 October 2019  1h2m

episode 236: Episode 236 - How Media Impacts Our Personalities: "Respect a Good Sass"

This week we're discussing how much the books, movies, and tv shows you consume when you're a kid impact your personality. Also, we learn that Emily K's coffee addiction is mostly due to Gilmore Girls.


 24 October 2019  1h20m

episode 235: Episode 235 - The Godfather: " It’s Really About Customer Service"

Emily K and Taylor, long-time lovers of The Godfather, talk to Emily V, a first-time viewer.  How is it so long, yet also so rushed? 


 17 October 2019  49m

episode 234: Episode 234 - A 4-Day Workweek: "We Were Not Born to Work and Then Die"

This week we're talking about the AFL-CIO's recommendation that we move to a 4-day workweek. Would it work? Do we like the idea? Would people truly benefit?


 10 October 2019  51m