Without A Net Podcast

What happens when a group of unprepared wage slaves finds themselves hurled into the shadowy underbelly of Seattle's criminal elements? That is what we are going to find out.


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episode 16: Announcement 002-Patreon

Hey guys. We want to make the show, and everything associated with it bigger and better. I want to give back to the cast and others. We want to do more. Patreon is a platform best suited to ask for help in making these things happen. So, here is ours. Th...


 30 April 2018  4m

episode 15: Episode 013

The time for planning has come to an end. The team has made a simple plan, but as we all know the simple plans are the ones that often don't stay that way. If you liked the music, you can contact Michael via email at michaelvamiadakis@outlook.com We alwa...


 26 April 2018  55m

episode 14: Episode 012

The team gets on site and investigates options. Sorry for the double legwork esq episodes but we end up in some interesting situations here. Next time I will try and mush more of the legwork together into a single episode. Also stay tuned for another ann...


 19 April 2018  50m

episode 13: Announcement 001-Casting Call

We record every other Wednesday [example dates], at 8:30 pm eastern. While there is some flexibility with the time slot there isn’t much.   Folks who are interested are asked to email us at withoutanetpod@gmail.com with the answers to the following ques...


 13 April 2018  2m

episode 12: Episode 011

Sorry for the shortish episode this time.The crew works on some legwork, gets a basic version of a plan, and prepares to infiltrate the resort.This is the first "real" legwork episode, I am looking forward to any feedback you may have on how the editing ...


 12 April 2018  48m

episode 11: Episode 010

Double digits!Thanks everyone for the support so far!This week, everyone breaks from meeting Morganna, a seemingly powerful shadowy figure. Valerie see's the 'good doctor' and every one else gets some surprises.Facebook Email us, Withoutanetpod@gmail.com


 05 April 2018  51m

episode 10: Episode 009

More mysterious meetings with mysterious people. The crew is offered a chance to allievate their situation, as always though this help doens't come free. As a more production note, this is my first time splicing parts from 3 different recordings together...


 29 March 2018  1h20m

episode 9: Episode 008

The group brings their first "job" to a close.  Many things are not as they seem, especially their new "friend" Scrapper.Aplogies for this episode. I made a mistake in the recording process and lost half a session. We start this one off going through a r...


 22 March 2018  49m

episode 8: Episode 007

Time for a little CSI: Seattle. The group does a whole bunch of investgating to try and figure out what happens and meets some new friends.


 15 March 2018  46m

episode 7: Episode 006

Valeries gets to work doing some matrix searches on the situation they find themselves in. Both the "job" and her new affliction.   This is a research heavy episode but some solid rp stuff towards the end. 


 08 March 2018  58m