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Spectrum is a 30-minute weekly radio show which keeps you abreast of developments in the realm of science and technology news.


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Spectrum: Science on the move

On the ground, up in the air, and in the belly of a barge — science is everywhere. Zip around with us to as we dip into batteries, inhale some helium and look inside a robot's brain.



Spectrum: Self-driving carnage

Drive into a child, or swerve and hit two grandparents? Such horrendously difficult choices will soon be programmed into ours cars. Cast your own vote in this moral bloodbath of an episode.


 05 July 2019  30m

Spectrum: But I've only had 5 beers!

It's "Action Week Alcohol" in Germany, so join us in-studio as we take "Das Quiz." Also, we hear from the author of a study that shows women perform cognitively better as the temperature in a room rises.


 31 May 2019  30m

Spectrum: Kaboom

Like destroying things? We all do. So much so that scientists in Europe are planning a 100-kilometer mega-project to destroy the smallest things possible. Plus, a gigantic natural disaster is boiling in Germany's belly.


 10 May 2019  30m

Spectrum: Buzzing and flapping

On this week’s show, it’s all about bugs and birds. Is it end times for entomology, the study of insects? Can high-frequency, loud electronic music be used as mosquito spray? And, are European crows racist?


 12 April 2019  30m

Spectrum: My computer and me

Addicted to your smartphone? Just wait 'til you hear about what's coming next. Come follow us through the terrifying arc of personal computing.


 15 March 2019  30m

Spectrum: You sound emotional

We human beings make a lot of strange sounds with our mouths, and if you listen carefully, a lot of them are just PACKED with emotional meaning. Join us in-studio as we recreate a very interesting study.


 01 March 2019  30m

Spectrum: Only you can prevent cancer

You'll read some pretty nasty news in the coming decade about cancer swallowing a record number of victims. That is unavoidable. The good news: Two in every five cases are preventable.


 14 February 2019  30m

Spectrum: Where has all the sugar gone?

At the biggest sweets trade fair in the world, you'd be surprised how many people are fighting against sugar. Where are sugar lovers in the modern-day manifestation of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?


 08 February 2019  30m

Spectrum: It hurts to let your football team down

How can professional athletes who cause their team to lose by their blunders be helped? Also, can snail slime make us prettier? And we talk about asbestos, a very dangerously fine dust.


 18 January 2019  30m