Widow Cast:  A personal story and insights on being widowed.

After becoming widowed, are you wondering why you are feeling the way you do (or not feeling!)? As a widow and as a widow coach, I want to share my story and insights for other widows to feel that connection and know they are not alone.


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episode 93: Ep 124 Widows - No One is Coming to Save You

Here’s the thing.  No one is coming to save you.  Not your friends.  Not your family.  Not even your kids.  There comes a time in the process of the exquisite grief that follows losing your life partner when you have to stand up and start putting one foo...


 06 June 2019  23m

episode 92: Ep 123 Widows Can Increase Their Happiness Level

Widows are experiencing traumatic loss, but that does not necessarily mean you are in psychosis and need help to not be in misery.  But it does mean that we could use some help in boosting our happiness levels.  There are many ways for normal population ...


 30 May 2019  29m

episode 91: Ep 122 The Widow Pass

Newly widowed and feeling like you've gone insane?  No, you're not insane - you're in a state of shock.  Listen in today as I share with you some of my own experiences in the early days after becoming widowed and one very important fact . . . . . . you g...


 23 May 2019  32m

episode 90: Ep 121 How to Feel Better About Your Life Right Now

Deepak Chopra said, "The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years."  He is close to the truth, but the absolute truth is that the way you think, the way you behave and the way you eat can influence how...


 16 May 2019  18m

episode 89: Ep 120 Are Money Beliefs Holding You Back?

As a widow, are you suddenly faced with financial issues and overwhelming fears about your security?  What is the one thing that will factor into whether you're going to be okay financially without your spouse or not?  It is your beliefs about money and ...


 09 May 2019  37m

episode 88: Ep 119 Letting Go of Their Things

Grief and the fear of letting go can paralyze you.  When do you go through their things - HOW do you let go?  It feels like betrayal somehow.  It feels like we are letting go of THEM.  Listen today as Joann shares how to let of things without letting go ...


 02 May 2019  25m

episode 87: Ep 118 When Your Identity Has Been Shattered

Widows tell me, "I don't even know who I am now!"  It was one of the most surprising things to me after my husband suddenly died.  I felt like I had always been a strong personality, quite independent and strong willed.  But after that sudden loss, it wa...


 25 April 2019  15m

episode 86: Ep 117 Widow - What Does The Word Mean to You?

The very word "widow" brings so much emotion for each of us.  Do you recall the first time you had to check a box next to "widowed?"  I've noticed what other widows are saying about what the word widow means to them.  Let's explore how widows and even so...


 18 April 2019  28m

episode 85: Ep 116 Pushing Down the Pain of Grief

Are you ignoring the pain of loss, pushing it down, telling yourself “I’m okay, I got this?”  This is a definite trend in widowhood.  We think we can just tie on our red cape and push forward.  But all that bottled up emotional pain is going to push righ...


 04 April 2019  31m

episode 84: Ep 115 Five Tips for Self Coaching

I teach the thought model to all my clients and especially in detail to my widow coaching students.  This is the most powerful tool I've ever learned to create the life I want.  My students tell me over and over again how life changing these concepts are...


 28 March 2019  31m