Widow Cast:  A personal story and insights on being widowed.

After becoming widowed, are you wondering why you are feeling the way you do (or not feeling!)? As a widow and as a widow coach, I want to share my story and insights for other widows to feel that connection and know they are not alone.


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episode 103: Ep 134 Find Confidence Again After Becoming Widowed

When I asked widows what the #1 thing was they want to change in their life, it was overwhelmingly "Confidence."  It happens to us and frankly, really took me by surprise that this was part of my grief.  Widows often feel scared to get out and do things,...


 05 September 2019  39m

episode 102: Ep 133 Widows, What Do You Want For Your Life

In the beginning, as widows, we may find comfort in thinking we can do what our spouse would want for us.  They would not want us to live a sad, lonely life.  But there came a time that I realized what I really needed was to do exactly what *I* wanted fo...


 22 August 2019  48m

episode 101: Ep 132 Can You Love Being Right Where You Are?

Do you think moving somewhere else would make you happier?  Maybe it will, but maybe it won't . The truth is this:  You need to be able to be happy right where you are before you can happier elsewhere.  Whaaatttt?  It is true!  Today I share my long jour...


 15 August 2019  21m

episode 100: Ep 131 Widows Who No Longer Cook Because . . . .

Does this sound like you?  “I used to LOVE cooking for him.” “I don't have a passion for it anymore...and I'm not sure when I ever will again..” “It’s not fun cooking or baking for yourself."  Now, more than ever, it is so important to feed yourself well...


 08 August 2019  33m

episode 99: Ep 130 Emotions Can Fuel You and Your Life

Did you know that everything we do, how we act and show up in the world, and even everything we avoid doing is because of how we are feeling emotionally?  Our emotions drive our actions and our life.  When you know and understand this, you can even begin...


 01 August 2019  25m

episode 98: Ep 129 Widows Struggling With Loneliness

Probably the most devastating - or what my clients would describe as the most devastating thing about being widowed is loneliness.  I know a lot of you take loneliness very seriously, you think it's a very big problem. It really does not have to be, so t...


 25 July 2019  30m

episode 97: Ep 128 How Your Beliefs Manifest in Your Life

Why are your beliefs so very important to explore?  Because your current set of beliefs are playing thoughts in your mind that absolutely manifest the exact life you are living.  I teach the coaching model and the truth is, whether you actually know and ...


 16 July 2019  27m

episode 96: Ep 127 Encore Presentation of How to Have a Better Life

Encore presentation - As a widow do you wonder how to make your life better now that you are on your own?  As you have been moving through this journey of grief, have you felt like something has to change - somehow this has to get better?  On today's epi...


 11 July 2019  51m

episode 95: Ep 126 Widow to Widow

Sometimes I listen to the "Bob and Sheri Show" on radio and find them delightful.  Today I share their "Cone of Safety" and what that means in terms of helping another widow.  Yes, DO reach out, widow to widow.  Today I will tell you the best way to help...


 20 June 2019  18m

episode 94: Ep 125 Asking The Big Questions

Widows - have you been finding BIG questions coming up in your mind?  The kind of questions we rare ask in the normal hustle bustle of life.  But nothing is "normal" anymore for us.  After Jim suddenly died and as the weeks began to pass, I started askin...


 13 June 2019  24m