Whiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino

Comedian Andrew Santino interviews friends in and out of the entertainment industry as they reflect on deviant stories of their past; while sipping whiskey.


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episode 59: Erik Griffin

Santino sits down with the light skinned lover Erik Griffin to chat about our fist gay president with a hot secret service staff, Erik's new found drug use, incentivising college and being the most shameless creature of comfort. FOR ALL THINGS GRIFF: http://erikgriffin.com FOLLOW GRIFF ON INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/erikgriffin/?hl=en FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/ FOLLOW CHEETO TWITTER: https://Twitter.com/cheetosantino TICKETS AT http://www.andrewsantino...



episode 58: Solo Santino Hates Thanksgiving Food

Santino sits down with himself in this solo episode for the holiday and chats about how much he loathes thanksgiving food, sneaking away to do drugs when with family, his hate for Star Wars and fantasy movies and the impending doom of the worlds end all while chugging a few glasses of the good brown sauce. SEE ME LIVE, TICKETS AND OTHER FUN SHIT: https://www.andrewsantino.com FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/ FOLLOW CHEETO TWITTER: https://Twitter...



episode 57: Mark Normand

Santino sits down with the queen of the gays, Mark Normand to chat about his family getting tied up and robbed at gun point, his man drawer filled with brass knuckles, mushrooms and fireworks and the pressure of doing late night sets on TV when you get H Pylori (A disease he got from eating ass) FOLLOW MARK: https://www.instagram.com/marknormand/?hl=en WATCH MARK DO MORNING TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAObJ4YHj-Q FOR ALL THINGS NORMAND: http://marknormandcomedy...



episode 56: Duncan Trussell



episode 55: Anthony Jeselnik

Santino sits down with the devil himself, Anthony Jeselnik. They chat about writing for the tonight show, doing drugs in New Orleans, losing friends as time goes on and what it’s like to maneuver though the comedy landscape where fans expect him to give them more evil shit year after year. FOLLOW THE PRINCE: https://twitter.com/anthonyjeselnik FOR ALL THINGS JESELNIK : https://www.anthonyjeselnik.com FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/ FOLLOW CHEETO TWITTER https://twitter...



episode 54: Nick Swardson

Santino sits down with fart lover and comedian Nick Swardson to talk about his brush with death, how Adam Sandler became a fan and how now he is now sober for good. They revisit brownout memories (the good ones) from Chicago, Minnesota and chat about what is brewing next for Nick's career. FOLLOW THE FART KING: https://www.instagram.com/realnickswardson/ FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/ TICKETS AT http://www.andrewsantino...


 01 November 2019  1h22m

episode 53: Anastasia Ashley

Santino sits down with pro surfer and instagram influencer Anastasia Ashley and they get nice and loose. They chat about pushing the limits of the sport of surfing, taking drugs and traveling the world. FOLLOW ANASTASIA: https://www.instagram.com/anastasiaashley/?hl=en FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/?hl=en TICKETS AT http://www.andrewsantino...


 25 October 2019  1h20m

episode 52: Brendan Schaub

Santino sits down with comedian Brendan Schaub to talk about what it's like to work with Theo Von, driving dream cars and if he would let his son get into contact sports. They also admit their love for one another and it gets a little weird at the end. FOLLOW BRENDAN: https://www.instagram.com/brendanschaub/?hl=en SEE HIM LIVE WITH GERIATRIC BYRON KALLIC: http://www.tfatk.com/live-tour-show FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram.com/cheetosantino/?hl=en TICKETS AT http://www.andrewsantino...


 18 October 2019  1h22m

episode 51: Brad Williams

Santino sits down with comedian Brad Williams to chat about the greatest bit he's ever done in Montreal JFL, having a baby and leaving his podcast About Last Night because his co-host Adam Ray verbally and physically abuses him. Also, Santino tries to get Brad to admit that he's actually 6'3" and the short legs thing is all an illusion / bit. FOLLOW BRAD: https://www.instagram.com/bradwilliamscomic/?hl=en https://www.bradwilliamscomedy.com FOLLOW CHEETO: https://www.instagram...


 11 October 2019  1h27m

episode 50: Matty Matheson

Santino sits down with unique sex god Matty Matheson to talk about his heart attack, mormonism and how his toilet videos compelled him to make his own show without networks and suits called JUST A DASH. WATCH JUST A DASH: https://www.youtube.com/user/mattybsod BUY MATTYS COOK BOOK YOU DORK: https://www.amazon.com/Matty-Matheson-Cookbook/dp/1419732455 TICKETS AT http://www.andrewsantino...


 04 October 2019  1h15m