When Prog and Power Unite

When Prog and Power Unite is (in our humble opinion) the webs best source in prog-rock and metal. The live broadcast airs through our parent station at www.progrock.com on Wednesday nights from 5-8pm Central (6-9pm Eastern, 10am-1am UTC). We invite all to come out to chat and make requests. The program's site at www.wpapu.com features interviews, reviews, podcasts and updates. Check us out for an excellent progressive experience!


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h35m. Bisher sind 42 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Ep. #367 featuring Haken

November 7th episode featuring the new album from Haken, Vector.


 10 November 2018  2h59m

Ep. #366 featuring Mystery and ProgStock

October 10th episode featuring the new Mystery album and stories from ProgStock.


 11 October 2018  3h1m

Ep. #365 featuring Lux Terminus

September 12th episode featuring the new album from Lux Terminus, The Courage to Be.


 13 September 2018  2h48m

Ep. #364 featuring Ayreon Universe

Nick talks about his recent trip to the Netherlands to see the Ayreon Universe Live, with music from Ayreon and his contributing vocalists.


 01 October 2017  1h3m

Review: Iris Divine – The Static and the Noise

Mason's review of the new Iris Divine album The Static and the Noise


 28 September 2017  8m

The Future of When Prog and Power Unite

A quick word about the future of When Prog and Power Unite


 27 September 2017  2m

Ep. #363 featuring MindMaze and RoSfest

May 17th episode featuring Resolve, the third album from MindMaze. There is also plenty of talk and music from the recent RoSfest festival.


 18 May 2017  3h8m

Interview: Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon and Star One

April 2017 interview with Arjen Lucassen ahead of the new Ayreon double concept album, The Source.


 15 April 2017  20m

Interview: John Arch of Arch/Matheos and ex-Fates Warning

Interview with John Arch, former lead singer of Fates Warning who recently recorded Awaken the Guardian Live with the band.


 08 April 2017  20m

Ep. #362 featuring Vangough

April 5th episode featuring the new album from Vangough, Warpaint, tons of other new music, and a teaser for an upcoming interview with John Arch of Fates Warning.


 06 April 2017  2h59m