When Myers Met Briggs

Two opinionated BFFs using personality typing to understand themselves and the world. ESFP Meredith and ENTP Kaila explore identity, self-discovery, pop culture and humor using Myers Briggs as a lens. We're learners, not experts, and knowledge of Myers Briggs is suggested but not necessary.


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 01 June 2017  1h16m

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 29 March 2017  1h7m

Ep. 54: What's your Myers Briggs and what does your mind look like?

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 23 March 2017  21m

Ep. 53: Couple's interview with ENFP Evie and ISFJ Brian

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 09 March 2017  1h9m

Ep. 52 : Interview with INFP Brandyn Jenkins, a self-taught musician

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 02 March 2017  1h4m

Ep. 51: Interview with ESFJ Joseph Fuentes, a teacher and mentor

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 15 February 2017  1h0m

Ep. 50: Interview with an ISFP-ENFJ couple, Dan and Samantha

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 08 February 2017  1h16m

Ep. 49: Interview with Rebekah June, an ESTP mom and speech-language pathologist

Rebekah is an ESTP, sometimes called the Doer or …


 31 January 2017  50m

Ep. 48: How Feeling types can benefit from crystals, chakras and more

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 20 January 2017  39m

Ep. 47: Interview with Matt Storrs, an ENTJ lawyer and comedian

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 12 January 2017  1h16m