What You Fight For

The Mouse Guard RPG live play podcast. Join the adventures of a group of tenderpaws in the Mouse Guard as they learn about themselves and the powers at play across the Mouse Territories. Listen in as they learn exactly what it is they’re fighting for.


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S02 E09 Jump on It Pt 6

The team is split and a hawk attacks! Can our mousey pals evade it's aims AND cut a giant hole in a tree? The northern transportation and their lives are in the balance! BONUS: we tell you about a video to see a hawk's power IRL #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 11 July 2019  50m

S02 E08 Jump on It Pt 5

How hard can civil engineering be? Trout patrol answers that question as they take on a world-class tree across the road. An unexpected old friend makes an appearance. Stay tuned after the credits for a fun Cheese Chat session! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 27 June 2019  46m

S02 E07 Jump on It Pt 4

Trout Patrol lends a hand to seawall repairs. There's some intense economic transfer as new money begins to flow (let's just call 'em Orlandos™ for now). Several members try out a new voice. #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 13 June 2019  55m

S02 E07 Jump on It Pt 4

The Big Tree Mega Project gets underway. A party split, help requested and a somewhat surprising return character! Also stay tuned after the credits for a thrilling episode of Cheese Chat w/ the players! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 13 June 2019  46m

S02 E06 Jump on It Pt 3

Now Trout Patrol must take on the deadliest game of all... DINNER! Lord Orlando may _appear_ to be very helpful, but it's obviously all a front to be even more helpful later?! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 29 May 2019  53m

S02 E05 Jump on It Pt 2

It's time for a grand tour of repairs. Will the ever plucky Acorn be a true asset or just a nuisance? He's certainly happy to head home to Dawnrock though, a new stronghold of parentage for Trout Patrol opens up! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 16 May 2019  48m

S02 E04 Jump on It Pt 1

The real work of spring begins in earnest. Apiaries have to get going again, and there's repairs all over the mouse territories that will be needed. And, is Acorn gonna work out? #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 02 May 2019  47m

S02 E03 Here we go Again on our Own Pt 3

Trout Patrol makes it out to the east sent border, but something is definitely up. A foe from the past is making a mess and has some bad plans for the entire mouse territories! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 18 April 2019  41m

S02 E02 Here we go Again on our Own Pt 2

Retreading their steps from last year in record time, our patrol finds a much more attractive set of problems crossing the lake, and teach their new best pal Acorn about being a patrolmouse. Cledwyn tries some voice pitching. #WYFFCast #MouseGuard


 05 April 2019  46m

S02 E01 Here we go Again on our Own Pt 1

Winter is over and it's time to begin patrolling the Mouse Territories again. From last year we all know where that starts: the scent border! Trout Patrol heads out with a new recruit to get things rolling again! #WYFFCast #MouseGuard


 21 March 2019  53m