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Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h1m. Bisher sind 115 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Podcast 155: Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”

Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm” Tonight we chat with the one and only Sarah Burrini of the webcomic “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”! Sarah is from Germany and we wanted to talk about the differences of he[...]


 19 December 2018  1h1m

Podcast 154: Art Tips for Comic Creators

Art Tips for Comic Creators. Tonight we take a cue from long-time listener Aron Mason and chat about various tips for comic creators. Byron answers questions about his process of creating his comic digitally using Clip Studio Paint, and then D[...]


 06 December 2018  56m

Podcast 153: What’s Going On with the Webcomic Alliance?

The Year in Review with the Webcomic Alliance. Tonight we got the whole gang together to go over 2018 and how it’s been full of ups and downs. Due to Byron being in North Carolina for four months, we fell way behind on recording podcasts[...]


 15 November 2018  1h20m

Podcast 152: F(r)iction Magazine and Webcomic Submissions

F(r)iction Literary Journal and Webcomic Submissions. Tonight we’re joined by Andrew Jimenez, Senior Editor for the F(r)iction Literary Journal who is here to talk about their process for accepting webcomic submissions and what it [...]


 17 October 2018  1h0m

Podcast 151: Manga English Adaptation, Branding & Re-Starting a Comic

Branding & Re-Starting a Comic. Guest Stan Brown of the D&D webcomic 10’x10′ Toons joins Byron, Christina, and Dawn as we discuss Stan’s background in doing English Adaptations of Manga comics. Then we chat about how [...]


 10 October 2018  1h10m

Podcast 150: Marc Copes & Outside the Box Promotion

Building Your Audience for Webcomics. Guest Marc Copes of the webcomic “Cow Texas”  joins Byron, Christina, and Chris as we discuss Marc’s webcomic and tips on getting your webcomic noticed and some “outside the bo[...]


 30 August 2018  1h10m

Podcast – Jeff Langcaon & Building Your Audience

Building Your Audience for Webcomics. Guest Jeff Langcaon of the webcomic “Henchmen For Hire” joins Byron, Christina, and Chris as we discuss building your audience as a webcomic creator. Jeff is from Hawaii and teased us with the beaut[...]


 18 July 2018  1h8m

Tapas Media and Building Your Brand

Building a brand and identity as an indie comic creator. Guests Josh Bakken and Michael Son from Tapas Media come on board to chat about their services as well as the topic of building a brand as an independent comic creator. They talk about how Ta[...]


 23 May 2018  52m

WA Podcast 135 – LFTO Character Introductions

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Writing strong character introductions. In this Long Form Take Over, Christina (Sombulus), Liz (Adrastus), and Robin (LeyLines) tackle character introductions.  What key el[...]


 23 May 2018  57m

WA Podcast 134 – Antagonists with LFTO Special Guest Mike Gourdin

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… When to start? Christina (Sombulus), Liz (Adrastus), and Robin (LeyLines) are back for another Long-Form Take-Over!  Today we’re joined by special guest Mike Gourdin o[...]


 08 May 2018  47m