How To Do Everything

We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.

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Lunch, Art, Cows, and Miracles

How to always remember your lunch, steal a million dollar painting, hang out with a farmer, and more. Plus: our Toilet of the Week.


 18 October 2012  n/a

Cupcakes, S'mores, Plants, and Toilets

How to eat a cupcake, make s’mores properly, and maybe, just maybe, help your plants grow. Plus, our Toilet Of The Week! 


 12 October 2012  n/a

Public Toilets, Debate Prep and Nintendo

We tell you how to prepare for your presidential debate, fix your old Nintendo games and begin our most ambitious project ever.


 05 October 2012  n/a

Rompers, Sloshing, and Announcing

How to dress for the office, keep coffee off your pants, and take over the mic at a volleyball game. Plus: why you always lose at crane games. 


 29 September 2012  n/a

Pocket Squares, Mustaches and Secret Videos

This week we learn how to care for a new mustache, pick a pocket square and recover from an embarrassing video.


 20 September 2012  n/a

Strikes and Alibis

How to lie about your secret mission and talk about strikes. Plus info about the How To meetup in Atlanta.


 14 September 2012  n/a

Corn, Refs, and Ikea

How to get your corn off the cob, ref an NFL game, name your modern Swedish furniture, and more!


 08 September 2012  n/a

The Only Olympics Guide You'll Ever Need

With how to advice from: Sir Patrick Stewart, US Olympian Matt Tegenkamp, New Zealand Olympian Quentin Rew, Nigerian Olympian Koko Archibong, Australian Olympian Russel Mark, Senator and Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Bradley, Canadian Curler Kristie Moore, and more. 


 27 July 2012  n/a

Treasure, Vetting, and Zombies

How to save money at an outdoor music festival, zombie-proof your car, and become a Blue Man. Plus, Governor Evan Bayh tells us how to survive the VP vetting process.


 20 July 2012  n/a

Some Old Segments You Might Like

Mike and Ian are out of the office this week. But we went way back to the early episodes to find the old segments we’re actually not embarrassed of! If you’ve heard every episode, maybe skip this. But if you’re a new listener, we’ll tell you how to act around celebrities, how to run for office, how to bring a stale bagel back to life, and more. See you next week with the regular new stuff. 


 11 July 2012  n/a