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In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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Matt and Nilay discuss big tech in this special Weeds/Vergecast crossover episode


 19 July 2019  1h1m

Space Force all the way!

Worldly's Alex Ward joins Jane and Matt to explain Trump's more-tedious-than-it-sounds plan for military domination of the final frontier.

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“Trump wants a ‘Space Force.’ We have many questions.” by Alex Ward
“Trump’s call for a Space Force, explained” by Alex Ward

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 16 July 2019  48m

School’s out for summer

Cristina Novoa from the Center for American Progress joins Matt to talk about child care disruptions and possible solutions.

“When Parents Can’t Find Summer Child Care, Their Work Suffers” by Cristina Novoa

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 12 July 2019  43m

Ask Weeds Anything

ProPublica reporter Dara Lind joins Jane and Matt to answer your questions. 


 09 July 2019  1h33m

A progressive case for globalism

Reed College economist Kimberly Clausing joins Matt to talk about trade and the middle class.


 05 July 2019  1h2m

Democracy's week in court

Jane, Dara, and Matt on two big Supreme Court cases on gerrymandering and the census.

White paper


 02 July 2019  50m

Debate Weeds: Ezra and Matt on the long-awaited Democratic presidential debate

Matt and Ezra weigh in on the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 cycle.

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Matt on Warren's performance
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 28 June 2019  1h5m

What’s really going on with child detention?

Dara, Jane, and Matt on the breakdown of trust that’s driving the latest crisis at the border.

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 25 June 2019  51m

What’s really happening in Central America

Adriana Beltrán of the Washington Office on Latin America joins Matt to explain the deep roots of the migration crisis.


 21 June 2019  56m

Jamestown: Utopia for Whom

Nice Try! is a new podcast from Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network that explores stories of people who have tried to design a better world, and what happens when those designs don't go according to plan. Season one, Utopian, follows Avery Trufelman on her quest to understand the perpetual search for the perfect place. Enjoy this special preview of the first episode, Jamestown: Utopian for Whom, and subscribe to Nice Try! for free in your favorite podcast app.


 19 June 2019  11m