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Vox Pop is WAMC's live call-in talk program. Guests with expertise in areas ranging from Astronomy to George Washington speak with WAMC's hosts and answer questions posed by WAMC listeners.


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Gardening: 9/29/16

Autumn is here.... but there is still plenty to talk about in the world of gardening! Joining us for our gardening program is gardener Bob Graves of Faddegon's Nursery, gardener Greg Ward of Ward’s Nursery and Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum. Ray Graf


 29 September 2016  51m

Pets And Vets With Ron Scharf

Dr. Ron Scharf of the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna joins host Ray Graf for an hour of phone-in questions about our canine and feline companions.


 28 September 2016  51m

Open Forum: Presidential Debate

If television ratings are any indication, last night's U.S. presidential debate was a doozy! According to overnight ratings, it ranks at or near the top of a list of all such debates ever broadcast.


 27 September 2016  50m

Medical Monday: Vascular Surgery With Dr. Clement Darling

Joining Alan Chartock today is Dr. Clement Darling, President of The Vascular Group, Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery at Albany Medical Center Hospital, Professor of Surgery at Albany Medical College, and Chair of the Vascular Educational


 26 September 2016  50m

Food Friday: Baking With Linda Kindlon

You know her from her Food Friday appearances with pop-up restaurateurs, "Three Chefs and a Baker." This time, Linda Kindlon makes a solo appearance to talk about cookies and baking! Linda is the driving force behind Bake For You in Albany, NY - and she


 23 September 2016  51m

Cars With Gordon Fricke

Today, we’re joined by Gordon Fricke – owner and operator of Barber & Fricke Automotive Incorporated, an independent repair, auto body, towing and used car facility in Hoosick, New York, to talk cars and car repair. Ray Graf hosts.


 22 September 2016  52m

Home Improvement With Darren Tracy

Ready to tackle that home improvement or repair project? Need a little advice? Architectural engineer and construction specialist Darren Tracey is here with us today to answer your questions large and small about your next home improvement project. Ray


 21 September 2016  51m

The Economy And The White House

President Barack Obama told world leaders at the United Nations today that the global economy needs to work better for all people, not just those at the top. The two major party presidential candidates have had plenty to say about the economy. Jobs, taxes


 20 September 2016  50m

Medical Monday: Obesity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 percent of U.S. adults are obese, and medical costs for those adults is over $1,400 higher than for those of normal weight. Joining us on this Medical Monday is Dr. Chi Cheung of CHP-Adams


 19 September 2016  52m

Food Friday: Culinary Myths

Do lobsters scream when you boil them? Does baking soda take smells out of your fridge? These are common culinary myths. We have two renowned authors and dinner party extraordinaires in the studio today to help us bust a few of these myths. Bruce


 16 September 2016  51m