In each episode, Drew Neil demonstrates one of Vim's features, showing how to incorporate it into your workflow.

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Pasting into a terminal buffer

Yanking and pasting works seemlessly between Neovim’s regular buffers and terminal buffers. In this video, we’ll look at how the Normal mode paste command works in a terminal buffer, and we’ll create a mapping to help with pasting text directly from Terminal mode.


 02 February 2018  5m

Creating mappings for :terminal

Neovim lets us create mappings using the meta key. In this video, we’ll set up some mappings to make it easier to exit from Terminal mode. We’ll also set up mappings using the meta key with h, j, k, and l to switch between split windows.


 12 December 2017  5m

Neovim's terminal emulator

Neovim lets you run a terminal emulator inside of a buffer. In this video, we’ll cover some of the basics of how terminal buffers work, and how you can use them alongside regular buffers in your workflow.


 28 November 2017  6m

Live substitution and yank highlighting

This video covers a couple of small but delightful Neovim features. You’ll see how to make Neovim show a live preview of how the substitute command will change our document. And you’ll find out how to make the yank operation highlight the range of text that it copied.


 14 November 2017  5m

CheckHealth in Neovim

Neovim’s :checkhealth command can diagnose problems with your configuration. In this video, we’ll run this command and follow its suggestions to enable features such as python integration and ruby integration.


 31 October 2017  5m

Meet Neovim

In this video, we’ll see how to install and set up Neovim so that it reuses your existing Vim configuration files. Most plugins should work in Neovim just like they do in Vim.


 24 October 2017  5m

Meet minpac

Minpac is a minimal package manager for Vim 8. It makes it easy to add plugins, keep them up to date, and remove them. In this video, we’ll see how it works.


 12 October 2017  5m

Installing plugins using packages

Packages are a new feature in version 8 of Vim. In this video, we’ll see how we can use packages to easily install Vim plugins. The process will be familiar if you’ve used pathogen.


 04 October 2017  4m

Using selected text in UltiSnips snippets

When UltiSnips is triggered from Visual mode it captures the selection and makes it available to our snippets. We can then insert the selection unchanged with the $VISUAL placeholder, or we can use UltiSnips Python interpolation to transform the text before inserting it back into the document.


 23 July 2014  5m

Using Python interpolation in UltiSnips snippets

UltiSnips can execute Python code and interpolate the result into a snippet. This makes it possible to create snippets that react to the text entered in each field. We’ll look at an example that performs a simple calculation and inserts the result into our document.


 29 May 2014  4m