Upgrade looks at how technology shapes our lives, from the devices in our hands and pockets to the streaming music and video services that keep us entertained. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Jason Snell.


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The Quiet Death of the Newton

James Thomson joins Jason to discuss Catalyst, the end of DragThing, and Apple's complex relationship with China.



Two iPads in a Sandwich

macOS Catalina has arrived and Jason's got his full review, plus we dig into the new multi-screened mobile device announcements from Microsoft (and what they might mean for Apple), and put on our sweaters to talk about Deep Fusion photography.



Nothing But Canned Answers

Jason finished his iPhone 11 review nearly two weeks after the fact, Myke is back in the Apple Watch game with a new Series 5 model, and we hear from a bunch of Apple Store employees.



Beautiful Breakable Glass Objects

We've got the new iPhones and it's time for our first hands-on impressions. How has Apple improved the upgrade experience? Could the Apple Store pick-up experience use a little more attention? We break it all down.



Extra Professional

Upgrade turns five and we're waiting for our new Apple hardware. But there's still time to reflect on last week's announcements, deal with a flood of Apple TV+ news, ponder Apple's fragmented OS release schedule, and prepare for the arrival of iOS 13.


 16 September 2019  1h31m

The Skyscrapers of Camera Bump City

Jason has returned from Cupertino, where he watched Apple unveil the new iPhone 11 models, a new Apple Watch that adds a feature we had given up hope of ever seeing, and details about when we'll see Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.


 11 September 2019  1h41m

The 2019 iPhone Event Draft

It’s time for Jason and Myke to reveal their picks for what will happen on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater next week! They draft 10 different things they expect will happen--or not happen--next Tuesday.


 02 September 2019  1h27m

It's Not Just a Desk

Jason and Myke can't agree on the definition of "lemonade" but they're together in Jason's office this week to discuss the impending iPhone event and reflect on nearly five years of independence and Upgrade.


 27 August 2019  1h31m

Get Ripped with Pro Max

Special guest Stephen Hackett joins us to discuss the current state of the Mac in both hardware and software. We also ponder Apple's choices in naming the new iPhones, and Jason wonders if the Apple Watch even needs an upgrade this fall.


 19 August 2019  1h28m

Ten Hours Is Not All Day

This week we check in on our beta OS experiences, discuss why Apple's move to ARM MacBooks seems inevitable, and ponder how Apple will respond to Disney's low-priced streaming service bundle.


 12 August 2019  1h30m