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Start learning Ukrainian with Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! An experienced teacher and Ukrainian native speaker Anna is hosting the podcast, offering you weekly Ukrainian lessons with real life dialogues, clear explanations, immediate practice and cultural information about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Learn more Ukrainian at our web-site

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ULP 4-139 |Андріївські вечорниці | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Have you heard of Андріївські вечорниці? It's an old Ukrainian tradition, a sort of a party for young people in December. Learn more about the St. Andrew's Day in Ukraine in this podcast episode!



ULP 4-138 |Як пережити зиму в Україні | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Як пережити зиму в Україні? - How to survive winter in Ukraine?! No, Ukrainian winter is not bad at all! It might be a bit too cold and a bit too long, but you will definitely enjoy it if you follow some of Anna's advice in this episode!



ULP 4-137 | 5 порад для покращення української мови | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Are you ready to improve your Ukrainian? In this episode, Anna shares five pieces of advice about how to get from intermediate to advanced level of Ukrainian.



ULP 4-136 |Екологічні тренди та екологічні традиції в Україні | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

In this episode, you can learn some useful vocabulary and phrases to talk about environment and climate change in Ukrainian. Then, Anna will share some thoughts about the current екологічні тренди (ecological trends) as well as екологічні традиції (eco...



ULP 4-135 |Що таке суржик? | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Суржик is s a blend of Ukrainian and Russian languages which is common all around Ukraine. Learn more about surzhyk with some examples in this advanced Ukrainian podcast episode!



ULP 4-134 |Сленг в українській мові | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Зацініть цей епізод подкасту про український сленг! Check out this Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episode about slang in Ukrainian!


 06 November 2019  25m

ULP 4-133 |Прислів’я та приказки –Частина 2 | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Are you ready to learn more useful Ukrainian proverbs - прислів’я і приказки? Also, meet Peter - our listener who has some amazing news to share in Ukrainian!


 30 October 2019  25m

ULP 4-132 |Прислів’я та приказки | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

Do you know any Ukrainian proverbs and sayings - прислів’я і приказки? Discover some of the most popular ones in this Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episode!


 23 October 2019  24m

ULP 4-131 |Козаки: ким вони були? | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

In this episode, discover the brief history of українські козаки - Ukrainian Cossacks 100% in slow Ukrainian! Plus, listen to the popular Cossack songs and improve your Ukrainian comprehension.


 16 October 2019  27m

ULP 4-130 |Які сувеніри привезти з України | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4

If you have been to Ukraine, which souvenirs did you bring back home? In this episode, Anna will share some ideas of сувеніри з України and tell you about the importance of bringing presents in Ukraine. 


 09 October 2019  28m