Turn It On

Nashville, TN based veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael J speaks with industry pros and up-and-coming talent (comedians, writers, actors, producers, musicians, performers and others) in the field of arts and entertainment.


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Episode 38 - We're Back! - 2018 Year-End Mini-sode!

Episode 38 - We're Back! 2018 Year-End Mini-Sode   Turn It On is back! Michael J talks about his podcast hiatus of the last year, discusses the future of the show, gives another installment of "Stories From The Road", and plays the song "Atmosphere" from his latest record "Aurora". 


 15 December 2018  17m

Episode 37 - Via Maris

Ep 37 - Via Maris Michael J gives the latest installment of "Stories From The Road' and plays his 2016 release Via Maris and tells the stories behind the songs and the making of the record. 


 11 December 2017  1h17m

Episode 36 - A Farewell To Tom Petty

Ep 36 - A Farewell To Tom Petty MJ and Mark Camire talk about the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, gun control, the death of Tom Petty, and the perils of dating in the modern world among other things. It's like one giant "Stories From The Road" installment this time out so buckle up.


 06 October 2017  1h19m

Episode 35 - Drummer Mike Malinin

Ep 35 - Drummer Mike Malinin Mike Malinin was a member of The Goo Goo Dolls for 19 years. When his tenure with that band ended, he decided to move to Nashville and is now the band leader and drummer for Country Music Legend Tanya Tucker. Michael J and Mike sit down on an outdoor patio at a Starbucks outside of Nashville for a chat and discuss everything from learning how to play Country music to Mike's influences in 80's punk music.


 18 September 2017  1h1m

Episode 34 - Jeff Coffey of Chicago

Ep 34 - Jeff Coffey of Chicago   Jeff Coffey has had an incredible first year as lead Tenor vocalist and bassist of legendary band Chicago. Michael talks to Jeff about his experiences from his beginnings as a Trombonist at Disney in Orlando, FL to signing with RCA Records with his former band House Of Dreams, to his subsequent audition and landing the full-time gig with Chicago. Also, the latest installment of "Stories From The Road"...


 20 July 2017  1h20m

Episode 34 - Mini-sode - Not so TRUE CRIME with Mark Camire

EP 34 - Mini-sode - Not so TRUE CRIME with Mark Camire   Turns out Michael J's roommate Mark has not one, but TWO people that share his name in the Boston/New Hampshire area that are causing a bit of trouble with the law. So much trouble in fact, that NBC Boston emailed the show to see if Mark from Episode 26 of TURN IT ON, AKA "Manic Mark The 3AM Mayonnaise Man" was the same guy (or guys)...


 12 July 2017  31m

Episode 33 - Singer/Songwriter Kaela Kinney

Ep 33 - Singer/Songwriter Kaela Kinney Ohio native Kaela Kinney has had a very colorful career as a backup singer for Pink, a Britney Spears impersonator, a contemporary Christian artist, and now a modern Country Artist and Entrepreneur. Michael J and Kaela talk about the role of women in popular music, trust issues, and brave internet trolls among many other things. Kaela Kinney official website KLA Guitar straps  


 10 July 2017  1h21m

Episode 32 - Drummer Lee Kelley

Ep 32 - Drummer Lee Kelley Michael J talks with Nashville touring and session drummer, Lee Kelley. Lee has played with everyone from Gary Allan, Mark Chessnut, and Loverboy to name a few.   Lee Kelley Official Website  


 03 July 2017  1h29m

Episode 31 - "The Phantom Shit" and other stories

Ep 31 - The Phantom Shit and other stories   Michael J pays tribute to Chris Cornell, discusses his own personal experience with depression & the suicide of a friend and also delivers the latest installment of "STORIES FROM THE ROAD". MJ also debuts his new single "Can't Stop Now".


 21 May 2017  29m

Episode 30 - Jace Everett

Ep 30 - Jace Everett

You may know Jace Everett as the guy who wrote and performed the song "Bad Things" from the hit HBO series True Blood... but he's so much more than just that. In this episode Michael plays the role of both guest and host as this talk is also featured on the latest episode of Jace's podcast, "Nashville Later With Jace Everett"...


 15 May 2017  1h24m