Town Hall Ohio

Town Hall Ohio is a weekly radio public affairs discussion forum, which features high-profile guests covering a wide range of topics and issues of importance to Ohioans. Subjects include government and politics, jobs and the economy, food and food production, education, science and technology, business challenges and social issues. Town Hall Ohio is produced by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation; it airs on WTVN Radio, Columbus, Ohio and additional stations throughout the state. Town Hall Ohio views Ohio through the eyes of residents of small towns, metropolitan areas, villages and townships. Its perspective reflects their values, aspirations and opinions on issues such as: - Quality of life - Health, security and safety - Community character and predictability - Private enterprise - Public services - Resource utilization - Education - Politics and government - Recreation - Agriculture - Other economic, social and environmental issues Meet the Host For more than 25 years, Joe Cornely has been a familiar and respected voice on Ohio radio stations...

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