Totally CRIT

An Infinity podcast from the UK

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h7m. Bisher sind 49 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 5 Wochen


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#9: The Warzone Special

Here comes something different for Totally CRIT episode nine. Rob and James kick off the show with an announcement from Spectre Gaming Systems in What ...


 25 May 2015  1h12m

#8: Rumbling Down the Road Infinite

Totally CRIT episode eight features our next instalment of the Infinite Road. We start the show with with John, James, Chris and Rob in What the CRIT. ...


 03 May 2015  2h1m

#7: The vagaries of dice

The CRIT crew return to thrill and amaze in another episode of Totally CRIT. Kicking things off we present your regular dose of 'What the ...


 23 March 2015  2h58m

#6: Back on the Infinite Road

We’re backCRIT-heads and it’s time for another Totally CRIT podcast.  As usual we kick things off with What theCRIT, where James, John, Rob and the ...


 23 February 2015  1h30m

#5: Sayonara N2, Aloha N3

The Crew returns asepisode five strikes and the show opens with a bumper-sized What the CRIT. John, Jamesand Rob discuss their latest hobby exploits and their ...


 11 January 2015  2h37m

#4: The Infinite Road continues

The funky four are back in the fourth episode of Totally CRIT. After a brief introduction the show kicks off with Rob, Chris, John and ...


 22 November 2014  1h11m

#3: Looking forward to N3

Totally CRIT’s third episode sees James, John, Chris and Rob return to discuss the impending release of Infinity’s third edition. Starting the show they briefly ...


 06 November 2014  2h19m

#2: Starting down the Infinite Road

The Crew return with another Totally CRIT podcast. We start with an epic 'What the CRIT'. Where John, Chris, Rob and James chat about what ...


 17 October 2014  2h19m

#1: The introduction

In the first episode James, John, Rob and Chris introduce themselves and the podcast. It's then time to hear all about their Roads to Infinity; ...


 01 October 2014  1h0m