Totally CRIT

An Infinity podcast from the UK

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h7m. Bisher sind 49 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 5 Wochen


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#19: What’s the time Mr Wolf?

James and Chris return with the latest hot shizzle from the Interbizzle, otherwise known as the internet sensation that is Totally CRIT, not only the UK’s most ...


 22 August 2016  1h37m

#18: Game Changers of Human Sphere N3

James, John and Chris kick off Totally CRIT. Like the consummate professionals we are, we turn up on target and on time, to deal with ...


 26 July 2016  2h10m

#17: A Red Un-veiling

Totally CRIT are here again, saving the day like supermen. Episode 17 a Red Un-veiling has James, John, Chris and Rob taking a look at ...


 11 July 2016  2h26m

#16: Nice to meet you Human Sphere

The CRITcrew are back and it's about damn time. Episode #16 Nice to meet you Human Sphere has Rob, James and Chris playing catch up. ...


 17 June 2016  2h26m

#15: ITS 2016 Review

The CRITcrew return and we have a LOT to talk about. Episode #15 the ITS 2016 Review sees James, John and Rob joined by our ...


 21 March 2016  3h7m

#14: From Open to Masters

Totally CRIT are back in 2016 with episode #14 From Open to Masters. John, James and Chris combine forces to discuss the rise of other ...


 15 February 2016  2h38m

#13: Countdown before Christmas

It's the last Totally CRIT episode of 2015, lucky number thirteen. Sitting down together James, John and Rob join forces to give you a run ...


 25 December 2015  1h22m

#12: The School of CRIT

The CRIT crew strike back with episode #12 of Totally CRIT.James, John and Chris kick of the show with epic round of What the CR¿T. ...


 28 October 2015  2h6m

#11: The Warzone Debrief

It's better late than never for episode #11 of Totally CRIT. James, John and Chris kick of the show with your usual round of What ...


 11 August 2015  1h28m

#10: Countdown to Warzone

Totally CRIT "La Decima" is an epic Countdown to Warzone. James, John and Chris combine forces to kick off the show in our regular What ...


 14 June 2015  2h25m