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The female scientists of Gorongosa

In the Gorongosa National Park, young female scientists are cataloguing flora and fauna for a global genetic database. It will enhance our understanding of the diversity of life on earth and the roles different species play.



How important are the bacteria in our bodies?

This week’s viewer question comes from Osman Maiga in Uganda.



Harvesting sap with aphids

If sap could be manipulated to make a plant more attractive to various pollinators, it would help secure harvests. A common plant pest is helping researchers in the process.



Rare earths

Whether hard drives or electric motors, rare earth elements play a key role in a range of technologies. The metals mostly come from China. To ease dependence, researchers at the RWTH Aachen University are working on recycling the precious elements.


 27 September 2019  4m

Biodiversity in the Orinoco basin

Travelling up and down the river, Alexander von Humboldt was ravished by the beauty and variety of the landscapes, flora and fauna. Today nature conservationists are battling to preserve the region's many threatened species.


 06 September 2019  10m

Alexander von Humboldt in America - Part 4

The Humboldt Current along the coast of Peru is bursting with life. With its nutrient-rich water from the depths, the ocean current discovered by Humboldt is vital for a huge ecosystem. But climate change is now disrupting it.


 23 August 2019  8m

In Humboldt's footsteps - Part 3: Respect for indigenes

German scientist Alexander von Humboldt was intrigued by the way of life of indigenous peoples in South America. In that spirit we visit members of the Achuar people, who live in relative isolation deep in the Amazon forest.


 16 August 2019  8m

In Humboldt's footsteps: Volcanic visions in Ecuador

When Alexander von Humboldt traveled to Ecuador, he found dozens of volcanoes. The discovery prompted him to dub the area the "Avenue of the Volcanoes," and to this day, 17 of them remain active. DW went to see them.


 09 August 2019  7m

Scientist Pierre Moret talks about Humboldt

Humboldt's Tableau Physique, shows the distribution of mountain vegetation as a function of altitude. Today scientists use the data to investigate changes due to global warming. But there are discrepancies, as Pierre Moret and his team discovered.


 02 August 2019  3m

Mission to the practice moon

ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer could soon be joining a lunar mission. He's training on the Canary Island of Lanzarote, where the volcanic landscapes resemble the surface of the moon. He's also learning how to collect moon rock samples.


 12 July 2019  6m