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episode 425: Where are the troops going?

President Trump is pulling out of Syria while sending more troops to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.



episode 423: Introducing Reset

Students across the country are graded by artificial intelligence. But does an algorithm really know how to write?



episode 424: Trumpster fire

Last week, the White House stonewalled the impeachment inquiry. This week, the stonewall came crumbling down.


 19 October 2019  16m

episode 423: Should Facebook let Trump lie?

President Trump lied in a Facebook ad and Facebook didn’t take it down so Elizabeth Warren lied, too. The Verge’s Casey Newton explains.


 17 October 2019  18m

episode 422: DEB4TE

In the fourth Democratic debate, the candidates treated Elizabeth Warren as the frontrunner. Vox’s Ezra Klein explains what that means for the race ahead.


 16 October 2019  22m

episode 421: A new war in Syria

The Trump administration just imposed sanctions on Turkey for invading northern Syria. But it may be too late for America’s Kurdish allies.


 15 October 2019  21m

episode 420: Indigenous Peoples' Delegate

Nearly 200 years ago, the Treaty of New Echota offered the Cherokee Nation representation in Congress. Kimberly Teehee just became its first nominee.


 14 October 2019  22m

episode 419: Did China just dunk on the NBA?

An NBA executive’s tweet supporting protests in Hong Kong has exposed how vulnerable the biggest American companies are to China.


 11 October 2019  23m

episode 418: The nine impeachment scenarios

President Pence? President Pelosi? There are nearly a dozen ways the impeachment inquiry could end. Vox’s Laura McGann runs through each of them.


 10 October 2019  15m

episode 417: Stonewalling the impeachment inquiry

Vox’s Andrew Prokop explains why the White House is now refusing to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. Ezra Klein scrutinizes the Republican strategy.


 09 October 2019  21m