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Chocolate Grinder Mix 126

Every other year since I started Chocolate Grinding, I've done a Halloween mix. The past three were called Day of the Dead: The Halloween Hangover Mix, Devil's Night 2015, and The World's A Graveyard and Every Day Is Halloween. This one's called Day of the Dead: The Remake, because I sampled some of the same vinyl I used for the first mix...



Guest Mix: Small Professor

March 17 would have been Sean Price's 47th birthday had the MC aka Ruck lived past age 43. On February 8, 2019, P's longtime label Duck Down Music Inc. teamed with Coalmine Records and producer Small Professor for the rapper's second posthumous album, 86 Witness. Produced mostly before Price's untimely demise, the album got its title when Small Pro and executive producer Matt Diamond (no relation) realized that references to the year 1986 kept popping up in P's rhymes for the project...


 08 April 2019  n/a

Guest Mix: Gosheven

Bálint Szabó (a.k.a. Gosheven, a.k.a. Gosheven is hot) isn't stopping anytime soon. His exquisite (The Wire approved) debut Leaper was released only last year, but we're currently on the brink of experiencing even more alternate tuning goodness from the Budapest based SHAPE affiliate: Bivaq, his equally hot follow up, is dropping on Opal Tapes TODAY via CD and digital formats...


 13 April 2018  n/a

Chocolate Grinder Mix 125

“Come on, just one more song?” “Come on, just one more song?” “Okay, last one I promise.” “You can head out if you want. I can make it back alone.” An ode to the end of the night. Stream below, subscribe to our podcast. Tracklist: [00:00] JPEGMAFIA - “Baby I'm Bleeding” [02:31] Diamond Soul - “Luxury Firmware” [04:32] Honnda - “It's a Foxx Ft...


 12 March 2018  n/a

Chocolate Grinder Mix 124

All that's solid melts into bingo; the future's already here and it's distributed on WeChat. 2017 tunes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore 2065. Stream below and subscribe to our podcast here.[00:00]蟑螂合唱團 IPIS - "忘了我是誰 (Sonia Calico Bootleg)"[00:24] Hyph11e - "Unknown Number 未知"[02:29] thruoutin - "Exploring the Interior 探索内部"[03:45] Lujiachi - "竹林"[08:54] David Boring - "Brian Emo"[14:08] ST.OL...


 22 November 2017  n/a

Chocolate Grinder Mix 123

In the mob's damning stares, the shtetl woman saw reflections of not only burning torches but also burning hypocrisy, and this the worse conflagration. It wasn't enough that they'd spread their shameful lies to her customers. It wasn't enough that they'd marked and ransacked her market stall...


 27 October 2017  n/a

Guest Mix: Mark Templeton

"But if nostalgia as a political motivation is most frequently associated with fascism, there is no reason why a nostalgia conscious of itself, a lucid and remorseless dissatisfaction with the present on the grounds of some remembered plenitude, cannot furnish as adequate a revolutionary stimulus as any other."– Frederic Jameson An unnecessary nostalgia: The seductive quality of the past — particularly of one not so great — is a curious trick of the psyche...


 06 October 2017  n/a

Chocolate Grinder Mix 122

"But I hear sounds in my mind; Brand new sounds in my mind"– Lorde VIII. When autumn comes, I bloom anew; The Russian frost does wonders for my health; Anew I fall in love with life's routine: Betimes I'm soothed by dreams, betimes by hunger caught; The blood flows free and easy in my heart, Abrim with passion; once again, I'm happy, young, I'm full of life - such is my organism (Excuse me for this awful prosaism)– Alexander PushkinWhen autumn comes. City landscapes...


 29 September 2017  n/a

Chocolate Grinder Mix 121

I hate how society demands how "ME" I have to be. You want "ME?" Cut me in front of a Metrocard machine, yo. It's a twice-a-year thang to get a Metrocard. And I understand panhandling. I get you ain't got cash on hand. I see your failed credit card interaction. Does that give you a ticket to both Metrocard machines without me losing my cool. Yes! Yes, it does...


 25 August 2017  n/a


Supported by dubious -- although equally hilarious, satirical, intriguing, and ludicrous -- Twitter personalities of music-community, CZAR-vapourers c$burns, CENTRAL COMMAND HVRF, and ETERNAL SON, OGRITCH [Editor's Note: "for sure"] (creator of VAPED MILK)The main idea of this project is make research from vapour world, and select most interesting stuff released every month, starting from classic vaporwave to radical experimental forms...


 23 January 2017  n/a