A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Wednesday.


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Episode 208: The Arizona Episode

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Episode 207: Scorpion Lashes w/ Erik Griffin

Guest host Erik is a falcon wrangler. Khalyla has a three-year grudge. Bobby is a church boy. We talk half-face first dates, tamale eating, & Tom Cruise noses.   Sponsor Links: Download the Postmates app and use code...



Episode 206: David So, Geo Antoinette & Asian Superman

Bobby earthquake shames. Khalyla wonders where the hot dogs go. David refuses the photo. Geo has respect for no one.  We talk quitting JKNews, steak kryptonite, crafty Koreans, and sexy cousins.    Sponsors: Blue...



Episode 205

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Episode 204: Johnny Sanchez, Funny is Funny

Bobo sees what he sees and believes what he believes. Johnny has a big reveal. We talk raccoon eyes, Yoshinoya, Rice & Beans, epicanthic folds, and full hee haw. Sponsors: http://ridge.com/slept and use promo code 'slept' for 10% off. ...



Episode 203: Brittany Furlan is Godzilla

Bobby wants to marry Snoop Dogg. Brittany finally meets Guava Juice. Khalyla takes advice from the toilet. We talk demons from another universe, Biblical jerking, drinking your roommates Sunny D, and cemetery neighbors.   ...


 17 July 2019  1h42m

Episode 202: Andrew Santino & The Big Bomb

Bobby bombs. Andrew bombs harder. Khalyla takes flight. We talk stuttering lovers, ginger heroes, and the ugliest person in Hollywood.  http://forhims.com/belly https://www.brooklinen.com/ promo code 'tiger' Cut your wireless bill to $15 a...


 10 July 2019  1h50m

Episode 201: No One is Calling Papa

Bobo won’t wok on the wild side. Khaloko loves a beta. Gilbo has a new voice. We talk China nights, concrete softies, throwing skittles at school buses, and a female Brendan Schaub. Weekly bonus content here:  https://www.patreon.com/TigerBelly...


 03 July 2019  1h15m

Episode 200: Jo Koy

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 26 June 2019  1h27m

Episode 199: Eric Stonestreet is Eric Backstreet

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 19 June 2019  1h36m