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The Book Festival you can enjoy in the bath. Writer Interviews, Readings and Rambling chat. Journalist James Kidd talks to (not at the same time): Hanya Yanagihara, Gary Younge, Richard Russo, Tom Drury, David Mitchell, Michel Faber, LS Hilton, DBC Pierre, Sloane Crosley, Karen Joy Fowler, Vendela Vida, David Gates, Laura Lippman, Tomas Gonzalez. Amit Chaudhuri. New episode: Amanda Coe.

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episode 66: Episode 142 - Amanda Coe: Part 1

Amanda Coe is an English novelist and screenwriter, whose credits include the BAFTA-winning adaptation of John Braine's Room at the Top, and her highly-praised thrillers ...


 08 June 2018  13m

episode 65: Episode 141 - Leila Slimani: Part 4

The final part of This Writing Life podcast's chat with Leila Slimani begins with a question about racisial abuse of Muslims in France. From here ...


 18 March 2018  11m

episode 64: Episode 140 - Leila Slimani: Part 3

Part three of This Writing Life's podcast with Leila Slimani, author of global smash-hit Lullaby, moves towards more personal territory. We talk about her family, ...


 13 March 2018  13m

episode 63: Episode 139 - Leila Slimani: Part 2

Part two of Leila Slimani's conversation with This Writing Life podcast about her new novel Lullaby begins with a discussion of objectification: in this case, ...


 23 February 2018  12m

episode 62: Episode 138 - Leila Slimani: Part 1

This Writing Life talks to bestselling novelist Leila Slimani about her award-winning new novel, Lullaby.


 15 February 2018  12m

episode 61: Episode 137- Lynn Shepherd: Part 4

Lynn Shepherd was the first ever This Writing Life recorded. The final part of our conversation begins with a discussion of social media and publicity, ...


 07 February 2018  22m

episode 60: Episode 136 - Lynn Shepherd’s Advice to Budding Writers

As a trailer ahead of part four of This Writing Life podcast's conversation with novelist Lynn Shepherd, she offers some advice to budding writers...


 03 February 2018  2m

episode 59: Episode 135 - Lynn Shepherd: Part 3

Part three of Lynn Shepherd's This Writing Life podcast mixes business and pleasure: how did a successful city worker become a successful writer? Doctorates on ...


 30 January 2018  28m

episode 58: Episode 134 - Lynn Shepherd: Part 2

Part two of This Writing Life's conversation with Oxford-based novelist Lynn Shepherd begins with some chat about her love of 'clever crime', and how it ...


 27 January 2018  32m

episode 57: Episode 133 - Lynn Shepherd: Part 1

Mystery writer Lynn Shepherd discusses turning classic literature into modern crime.


 28 November 2017  30m