This is Only a Test

This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!

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Episode 529 - VR Brawler - 12/12/19

As the VGAs are airing tonight, we discuss one of the VR games announced (and released!) during the show: Path of the Warrior. Kishore's back with gifts of Star Trek wine, and we discuss the week in VR game releases, trailer unveils, science, and technology news!



Episode 528 - Cybertruck and Half-Life: Alyx - 12/5/19

Back from Thanksgiving, it's a duocast this week as Norm and Jeremy discuss the Cybertruck event and thoughts on Tesla's bold electric truck. Plus, the reveal of Half-Life: Alyx and what it means for the VR community and gamers alike.



Episode 527b - Blast from Jibo Past - 11/28/19

We're all traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, so here's a vintage episode of This is Only a Test from the archive. The year is 2014. We're talking Surface Pro 3, pinball cabinets, and Comcast cancelling woes. But most importantly, a personal assistant robot named Jibo has just been announced. Enjoy!



Episode 527 - Flagship VR Game - 11/21/19

On the eve of Valve's big reveal of Half-Life: Alyx, we discuss what it means to have a killer app for the VR market today, John Carmark's role shift at Oculus, Star Trek movie announcements, and Tesla's impending reveal of the Cybertruck. It's a big news week leading up to Thanksgiving!



Episode 526 - The Escape Key Returns - 11/14/19

This week, we discuss the launch of Disney+ and the first episode of The Mandalorian (no big spoilers!), Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro details, and the logistics of planning a baby's first birthday party. Plus, impressions of Stormland in the VR Minute!



Episode 525 - Glass Storage - 11/7/19

In the small window between Norm returning from a international travel and Kishore about to embark on an overseas trip, we gather the team to discuss Google's acquisition of Fitbit, the new VR game Pistol Whip, and Microsoft Research's experiments with archiving data onto sheets of glass. Plus, we ponder the viability of a LEGO competition show and are blown away from an experimental audio tool.


 07 November 2019  1h51m

Episode 524 - HBO Maximized - 10/31/19

Cord-getting gets more complicated this week as Warner announces the details for its upcoming HBO Max streaming service. We break down how it compares with other streaming options, the confusion for current HBO subscribers, and how HBO might change. Plus, a Star Wars shakeup, surprise Apple Airpods release, and the problem with Daylight Savings. Support the Team Trees effort at ! Find Trace's videos at


 31 October 2019  2h6m

Episode 523 - The Final Star Wars Trailer - 10/24/19

Duocast this week! Jeremy and Norm discuss the final Star Wars trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, HBO's Watchmen, Pixel 4 revelations, and mixed reality video recording. Plus, the search for a new case for a PC build, and one of the coolest 3D printers we've seen.


 24 October 2019  2h0m

Episode 522 - The Strangeness of 120fps Film - 10/17/19

Google formally announces the Pixel 4 and we discuss the unique features of Android's new flagship. Jeremy and Norm try to explain what it was like watching Gemini Man at 120 frames per second and what content might be best suited for high framerate cinematography. Plus, an intriguing new handheld gaming system, Matrix 4 casting, and the science of marathon optimization.


 17 October 2019  2h7m

Episode 521 - The Next PlayStation - 10/10/19

The gang gets together to discuss the great stuff we saw at New York Comic Con, Sony's PlayStation 5 announcement, the new Picard trailer, and our favorite titles in Apple Arcade. Plus, Asgard's Wrath debuts in VR and we played some of the new Walking Dead VR game. And don't miss a Moment of Science!


 10 October 2019  2h3m