The Pylon Show

Starcraft talk show hosted by @Artosis discussing both SC2 and SC:R. Topics will range from meta, results, predictions, streamers, builds, matchups etc... nothing is off limits so long as it pertains to Starcraft!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h37m. Bisher sind 68 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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episode 48: ThePylonShow EP.48

Penguins, Polt, Part 2 of NA vs EU & Plenty more!Topics & Timestamps: 00. 00:00:20 Welcome to Ep.#48 01. 00:02:20 Introductions / Guests / Sponsors / The Penguin Tangent / Show Road Map (This ^ MIGHT be the best part of the whole episode.) 02. 00:15:35 T...


 26 April 2019  2h53m

episode 47: ThePylonShow EP.47

This week we discuss the Differences across @StarCraft Regions, Personal Barcode Philosophy and What being a young pro gamer in today's SC scene is like with our guests @SCAstrea & @FutureofTerran 01. 00:01:27 Guest Introductions02. 00:07:40 This Week in...


 19 April 2019  n/a

episode 46: ThePylonShow EP.46

We are celebrating #ThePylonShow's 1 year anniversary. Join us for storytime and discussions on the history + future of @Starcraft Sponsors: - 15% Discount code = “Pylon” ...


 11 April 2019  2h43m

episode 45: ThePylonShow EP.45

Discussing Personal Name and Branding in Esports, New Twitch Features that can help SC Streamers, WCS Winter Finals HYPE & more with ZombieGrub, JuggernautJason & ViBE. Shownotes: - Q&A submission link, ...


 04 April 2019  2h43m

episode 44: ThePylonShow EP.44

Brood War Episode with TheNyoken, ZZZeroPL & Qikzsd. We talk about Connecting with the Brood War Community, Why to get Back into BW Today, How the Current Skill Level of Players is on the Rise & a whole lot more!~ TimeStamps ~01. 00:05:20 This Week in St...


 29 March 2019  2h21m

episode 43: ThePylonShow EP.43

On Ep.#43 we discuss Balance with DeMusliM, WESG with RotterdaM, the differences between casting VS playing in an event, TWISC with Artosis & Q&As with iNcontroLTV.Patrons in our $5+ tiers get Early Access to show VoDs and can submit questions for our ho...


 24 March 2019  n/a

episode 42: ThePylonShow EP.42

Discussion of Community growth in the scene including Cheesadelphia News with @TeamTemp0. @Artosis apprises us on the latest Community Update. @feardragon64 talks about going full time in SC & content creation. Plus IEM story time with Geoff.Free 7 day p...


 14 March 2019  2h35m

episode 41: ThePylonShow EP.41

LiquidMana & JonSnow talking Katowice, Terran Balance, Nydus Worms, AlphaStar, + ASL & GSL updates 01. 00:02:58 This Week in Starcraft II 02. 00:12:03 This Week in Brood War 03. 00:14:15 This Week in Awesome 04. 00:19:10 IEM Katowice Recap 05. 00:24:05 T...


 08 March 2019  n/a

episode 40: ThePylonShow EP.40

Artosis, RAPiDCasting, feardragon64 & NoRegreT discuss the #IEMKatowice2019 groups, the Korean vs Foreigner gap, must-watch series from the bracket & more @StarCraft happenings. 1. 00:06:16 This Week in Starcraft II2. 00:17:19 This Week in Brood War3. 00...


 01 March 2019  2h29m

episode 39: ThePylonShow EP.39

Maynarde & Beastyqt join us to preview the #IEMKatowice2019 brackets, discuss WESG, Flash drama, answer some great Patreon Q&A's + more 1. 00:12:05 This Week in Starcraft II2. 00:34:45 This Week in Brood War3. 00:42:03 This Week in Awesome4. 00:43:58 ...


 22 February 2019  2h24m