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The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news found at

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episode 125: Jeff McMahon Voicify CEO on Voice and the Martech Stack

Jeff McMahon is CEO and co-founder of Voicify a voice app development platform designed for enterprise marketers. After a career in digital marketing as an agency founder, Jeff and his co-founders saw the need for voice app software that would...



episode 124: Tom Hewitson CEO of Labworks Shares 10 Hot Takes from 2.5 Years in Voice

Tom Hewitson is CEO and founder of, a voice app studio in London known from some of the most popular games on Alexa such as Would You Rather, Trivia Hero, True or False and Mental Samurai hosted by actor Rob Lowe. In this week's episode,...



episode 123: Samsung Bixby Developers from Home Advisor, Baby Stats, Dilli Labs, and Volley

Four independent developers discuss their experience building for Samsung Bixby and react to announcements from Samsung Developer Conference 2019, including Bixby Views, templates and working with the IDE. The interviews are conducted onsite at the...



episode 122: The ConverCon Interviews with SoundHound, Soapbox Labs, Algolia, and Webio

This week we have four interviews conducted onsite at ConverCon in Dublin in October 2019. First up is Katie McMahon, GM of SoundHound, a leading custom voice assistant development platform, and my guest on Episode #1 of the Voicebot Podcast.  ...



episode 121: Larry Heck CEO of Viv Labs and SVP at Samsung Talks Bixby and 30 Years in Voice - Voicebot Podcast Ep 121

Dr. Larry Heck is CEO of Viv Labs and a Senior Vice President at Samsung. In that role, he oversees all things Bixby. Prior to his work with Bixby, Larry served as head of Samsung’s Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Center. He has a deep...


 03 November 2019  54m

episode 120: Sanjay Dhawan CEO of Cerence Talks About Voice and AI in the Car

Sanjay Dhawan is CEO of Cerence, the recent spin-out company from what used to be known as Nuance Automotive. On October 1st it became a separate company and currently has a half a billion-dollar market cap and $300 million in forecasted 2019 revenue....


 27 October 2019  1h2m

episode 119: Voice Landscape in Europe from All About Voice Conference

This week's interviews were conducted onsite at the All About Voice Conference in Munich, Germany. That enabled us to capture the European (and Isreali and even some U.S.) perspective on voice assistant adoption. The five guests come from France,...


 19 October 2019  56m

episode 118: Enterprise Voice Assistant Adoption and Org Structure with Nestle, RBC, and American Red Cross

During the Voice 19 conference, I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion of enterprise voice leaders from Nestle, Royal Bank of Canada, and the American Red Cross. We discuss the first multimodal Alexa skill, Nestle Goodness, with Josh Baillon...


 12 October 2019  35m

episode 117: Financial Services and Voice AI with Prudential, Visa and TD Ameritrade from Voice Summit

Financial services has become one of the leading industries driving the adoption of voice ad AI technologies. At the Voice 19 conference this year I hosted a panel with Adam Kaye, VP of Architecture Global Business Technology Solutions for Prudential...


 07 October 2019  37m

episode 116: Amazon Alexa Product Launch Event Commentary from Amazon's Daniel Rausch, USA Today, The Spoon, CNET, and Voicebot

Amazon held its annual Alexa product launch event in September 2019 and there were some expected announcements along with a few surprises. Hearables, smart glasses, smart home, Samuel L. Jackson, Alexa Auto and many more topics were covered in more...


 29 September 2019  47m