The Unmade Podcast

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.

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36: Confession Booth

Tim and Brady discuss pod points, confessions, Garth Brooks, Brewster’s Millions, The Eagles, and a few other things. Enjoy the show, civilians!


 12 November 2019  49m

35: Backed the Wrong Horse

Tim and Brady discuss ponytails, eponyms, backing the wrong horse, toys, Iron Eagle, and plenty of other stuff.


 27 October 2019  46m

34: Singing in the Shower

Brady and Tim discuss a backwards countdown brain fade, KFC hacks, shower singing, breakfast cereals, and falling asleep. Plus a bunch of other random stuff.


 30 September 2019  1h0m

33: Alice Bluegown

Tim and Brady discuss new T-Shirt slogans, rebellious moments, frequently asked questions, plus Tim reveals his second favourite colour. Supported by


 26 September 2019  52m

32: Dibber Dobber (feat. an Elton John impersonation)

Topics include a well-known furniture vendor in Adelaide, bad ideas, crosswords, dusty old CDs, Elton John, tell-tales, A1, and hummus.


 04 September 2019  56m

31: Unmade by Berkowitz

Tim and Brady read reviews, discuss the latest Sofa Shop news, Things that 'I'm Over', and re-branding.


 25 August 2019  1h14m

30: KFC Skin Patches

Tim and Brady discuss stopwatches, podcast reviews, more Barry Gibb, The Lion King, exceptions, Michael Bolton, song lyrics, KFC addiction, plus spaghetti and nail polish. Storyblocks:


 30 July 2019  1h2m

Lost Watch

Tim and Brady chat about Farmers Union Iced Coffee, watches, describing the present to people of the future, burying the hatchet, and the Bee Gees.


 23 July 2019  1h11m

28: The Fanta Shorts

We discuss T-shirts, more misunderstandings, forming a band, Firepigs, and favourite articles of clothing. With thanks to Storyblocks:


 15 July 2019  55m

27: Misunderstood

Tim and Brady discuss changing minds, misunderstandings, the Piano Man duet, Jurassic Park, historic events and register with show sponsor Hover.


 23 June 2019  1h4m