The TrainingBeta Podcast: Climbing Training Podcast

Hosted by Neely Quinn, The TrainingBeta Podcast is a weekly conversation with rock climbing's best and brightest. Pro rock climbers, climbing trainers, and other insightful members of the climbing community offer their experiences with training for climbing, the best diet for climbing, and their personal stories with climbing. Whether you're a beginner climber or a seasoned pro, you'll learn something new from these conversations.

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episode 114: Lattice Training - 5 Training Hacks for The Time-Poor Climber

Lattice Training's Tom Randall and Ollie Torr describe 5 training hacks to maximize short training sessions for busy people.


 17 October 2018  33m

episode 113: How Dru Mack Is So Dang Good at Endurance Climbing

Dru Mack tells us about his never-ending psych for climbing and how he trains to have such extraordinary endurance on long routes.


 19 September 2018  1h17m

episode 112: Pro Climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk on Overcoming Fear After an Accident

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk talks about how she trains to climb 5.14, how she overcame fear of falling after a climbing accident, and her dialed-in diet.


 12 September 2018  1h20m

episode 111: Matt Pincus On Fitting Everything Into Your Training Program

Matt Pincus explains how you can't fit everything into your training program, but you can prioritize what to train based on your goals.


 15 August 2018  54m

Steve Bechtel on Training Endurance for Climbing

I talk to revered climbing trainer, Steve Bechtel, about how we can efficiently train endurance and power endurance for rock climbing.


 09 August 2018  1h10m

episode 109: How Electrician Leif Gasch Sent His First 5.14b at Age 38

In this interview I talk with 38-year-old full-time electrician, Leif Gasch, about how he went through 5 training cycles with some of the best trainers in the world, and finally landed on a training program that allowed him to send his first 5.14b.


 01 August 2018  1h16m

episode 108: Dr. Tyler Nelson on Using Blood Flow Restriction during Performance Phases and for Injury Healing

In this interview I talked with Dr. Tyler Nelson about using blood flow restriction training to help heal injuries and to maintain strength during performance phases.


 25 July 2018  1h9m

episode 107: Nathaniel Coleman on Staying Positive and Training to Win Comps

In this interview I talk with 3x Bouldering Nationals Champ, Nathaniel Coleman, about how he stays positive during comps and how he trains for climbing.


 28 June 2018  1h19m

episode 106: Tiffany Melius on Training for the Olympics and Mental Coaching for Climbers

In this interview I talk with competitive climber and performance coach, Tiffany Melius, about how she trains for World Cup events and the Olympics, and how she coaches people to perform better mentally.


 20 June 2018  1h12m

episode 105: Esther Smith: Treating Ankle and Foot Injuries for Climbers

In this interview I talk with physical therapist, Esther Smith, about common ankle and foot issues in climbers and how to rehab them.


 30 May 2018  52m