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Wedding Guests Gone Rogue

What happens when wedding guests go off script in their gift giving.


 20 September 2018  6m

Counting Calories

Tommy gleans a dubious message from new research. To lose weight...quit your job?


 20 September 2018  2m

Talk Like a Pirate Day

The Tommy Show celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day during Can't Beat Kelly.


 19 September 2018  4m

Kelly's Mom Guilt

Kelly feels guilty she can't make it to back-to-school night at her daughter's middle school.


 19 September 2018  6m

Space Travel

Would you go to space? Fresh listeners share whether they'd be interested in venturing to the final frontier. 


 18 September 2018  3m

Roommate Fights

Jen reveals the dumbest fight she's ever had with her roommate of 12 years (and best friend for 15). 


 18 September 2018  4m

A Small Favor

What is the weirdest thing a stranger asked you to help them with?


 17 September 2018  7m

Michelin Guide

For the very first time, the DMV has a three-Michelin-star restaurant.


 14 September 2018  5m

Leashed Kids

Are you for or against putting kids on leashes? The Tommy Show discussed.


 12 September 2018  4m

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper went to Georgetown?? The actor screened "A Star Is Born" at the university on Tuesday, and Tommy got to ask him about his favorite parts of the neighborhood.


 12 September 2018  5m