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The Tome Show is a D&D show that has grown to include a large number of shows each with their own focus and hosts. Jeff and Tracy host reviews and advice. James hosts the Round Table news program and the Gamer to Gamer interview show. Rudy brings us discussion of D&D video games. Geoff and Jeff W. talk about the books from the original Appendix N. And Eric joins Jeff and Tracy to talk about novels of interest to D&D fans. Jeff, Mike, and Sam (who also edits many shows) go Behind the DM Screen to talk about DMing their games. And the list keeps growing. Come check us out. Find us at or email the show at

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episode 243: Ghosts of Saltmarsh Review (Tome 321)

In this episode Jeff and Tracy sit down with Ben Heisler, Ismael Alvarez, and Jeremiah McCoy to review and discuss the latest hardcover D&D 5e release, Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Thanks to our sponsor: Noble Knight Games Links: Jeremiah McCoy on the Web Je...



episode 242: PDF Mini-Reviews (Tome 320)

In this episode Jeff and Tracy sit down with Jeremiah McCoy, Celeste Conowitch, and David Gibson to review and discuss 5 different D&D 5e products available in PDF format from the DMsGuild. Thanks to our sponsor: Noble Knight Games Links: Celeste Cono...



episode 241: Skill Systems Part 2 (Edition Wars 005)

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Edition Wars Podcast, hosted by Sam Dillon and Brandes Stoddard. In this episode we discuss skill systems in Dungeons and Dragons from 3e (2000) to 4e (2008) to 5th edition D&D (2014-present).    Next Episode Topic: T...


 16 July 2019  1h39m

episode 240: Skill Systems Part 1 (Edition Wars 004)

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Edition Wars Podcast, hosted by Brandes Stoddard and Sam Dillon. In this episode we discuss skill systems in Dungeons and Dragons from 0e (original 1974 D&D) through 2nd edition Advanced D&D. We'll discuss 3.x, 4e, an...


 10 July 2019  49m

episode 239: Norse Mythology (Tome Book Club)

In this episode Tracy, Eric, and Jeff discuss Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.   Thanks to our sponsor, Noble Knight Games!  Links:  Tracy on Twitter   Tracy on the Web   Eric on Twitter    Jeff on Twitter


 03 July 2019  39m

episode 238: Publishing on the DMs Guild (Tome 319)

In this episode of The Tome Show, Jeff Greiner sits down with Jeff Stevens, MT Black, Josh Parry, and Ismael Alvarez to discuss publishing your products on the DMsGuild.   Links: Jeff Stevens on Twitter MT Black on Twitter Josh Parry on Twitter Is...


 28 June 2019  1h14m

episode 237: Other Games (Tome 318)

In this episode of The Tome Show, Jeff Greiner sits down to talk with Jeremiah McCoy and Eric Paquette about RPGs other than D&D. How can reading and playing other games, exploring other rule-sets, and thinking about new settings enhance your D&D game? W...


 27 June 2019  1h18m

episode 236: The Lich! part 2 VECNA (Monstrous Ecologist 005)

The Lich! part 2 VECNA!! Your Host: Jeremiah McCoy: Questions should be emailed to Sponsors: Noble Knight SOURCES2nd Edition Monster ManualMonstrous Compendium appendix 3: Ravenloft Van Richten's Guide to t...


 24 June 2019  29m

episode 235: Behind the DM Screen (May 2019)

In this episode Sam and Jeff are joined by JVCParry, a.k.a Josh Parry, prolific DMsGuild author and awesome DM, to talk about their games from May 2019. Thanks to our sponsor, Noble Knight Games! Links: Sam on Twitter Sam on the Web ( ...


 17 June 2019  1h2m

episode 234: Sensitive Topics (Tome 317)

In this episode of The Tome Show, Tracy Hurley sits down with Michael Mallen, Megan Connell, Elizabeth Kilmer, and Jared Kilmer, to talk about playing RPGs with players who have a trauma history, respecting player agency, checking in for appropriate topi...


 30 May 2019  51m