The Toadcast - the weekly podcast from Song, by Toad

Every couple of weeks I sit down with a couple of gins and talk you through the new music that's caught my ears in the last fortnight. There'll be a few classics and a few mainstream bands but the focus will always be on the new, the emerging, the eclectic and the interesting.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h5m. Bisher sind 326 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Toadcast #328 - Breakfast Muff Toad Session

This is Toad Session #39 with Breakfast Muff, recorded on the 9th December 2016 in our warehouse recording space down in Leith - The Happiness Hotel. These guys have been our pals for a few years, since before the fantastic David Cameron's Eton Mess...


 29 April 2017  56m

Toadcast #327 - Tim the Mute & Kim Gray Toad Session

Tim the Mute and Kim Gray came over from Vancouver to tour in late Autumn and early Winter of 2016 and played a show for us at The Happiness Hotel on the 27th November. We managed to make time to squeeze in a wee Toad Session beforehand. Tim runs the...


 29 April 2017  1h14m

Toadcast #326 - Lomond Campbell Toad Session

Recorded on the 18th November 2016 before a warehouse show with Kwaing Creosite this gorgeous session shows two things: one, that Ziggy and his Pumpkinseed collaborators are superbly talented and two, that strings sound absolutely fucking gorgeous in...


 10 January 2017  1h15m

Toadcast #323 - The Arctic Circle

Mrs. Toad and I, as you possibly know, went on something of an epic road trip at the end of July this year. We took the ferry to Amsterdam and drove up through Germany to Denmark, through Sweden via the Volvo Museum, and into Norway, where we went all...


 21 October 2016  1h3m

Toadcast #323 - The Saharacast

Firstly, NO I shall not be launching into a long-winded plea for acceptance over how long it has been since the last podcast. Other shit distracted me, as is always the case when someone doesn't do something. A lot of other shit, in this case. I don't...


 11 October 2016  1h10m

Toadcast #322 - Rocky Votolato Toad Session

Technically speaking, recording is banned from our living room, but erm, Mrs. Toad was away and Rocky was by himself so why the fuck not, eh? This was an odd mismatch. Originally the session was prepared for Chantal Acda, who was headlining the tour....


 29 September 2016  1h2m

Toadcast #321 - Red Hook

Well as you probably know, Mrs. Toad and I spent the last quarter of 2015 living in Brooklyn - in Red Hook to be precise - and it was fucking amazing. Red Hook itself is a fucking brilliant neighbourhood. Still pretty industrial, but with loads of...


 07 January 2016  1h7m

Toadcast #320 - The Lithpcast

The Lithpcast is named after the rather impressive lisp I have developed since my dentist yanked my front-left incisor out of my mouth the other day and replaced it with empty space and stitches. There will be a new tooth bunged in there at some...


 18 September 2015  1h3m

Toadcast #319 - The Jailcast

 So Mrs. Toad and I are back from Rust2Romania (just) and before I throw myself into the second half of the Pale Imitation Festival I thought I might take the time to reflect on the rather epic adventure we just experienced. We have some of the...


 20 August 2015  58m

Toadcast #318 - The Palecast Vol.3

Hiya folks, once again in advance of the glorious Pale Imitation Festival we have a podcast exploring all the weird and wonderful bands who will be playing in Edinburgh during August for your wild and enthusiastic entertainment. Because you're coming...


 31 July 2015  1h7m