The THING Podcast

Take weekly wade through the popular creative current to find those moments that help us feel connected to the bigger creative consciousness, aka the THING.

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episode 2: The Toughest Podcast in Letterkenny

There are two hosts of The Thing podcast. These are their problems.Your favorite shirt tuckers, Matt and Eric, are back to dig in on some of the latest jolts of The Thing! They discuss new stuff from Sturgill Simpson, folksters the Avett Brothers, Comedi...



episode 1: Season 2 Episode 1 - Once Upon a Time in ThingyWood

Our hapless heroes catch up on what they have been up to and discuss some of the outstanding Things in the creative current. Once that nonsense is over, they take us on a spoiler-filled trip back to 60s Hollywood and talk Tarantino’s epic “Once Upon a Ti...



Episode 45 - David Avis!

Matt goes back out into the wilderness (er, the backyard) to interview Improv Impresario (Improvsario?) and founder of the Good on Paper Improv Troupe David ...


 18 August 2017  1h1m

Episode 44 - Game of Thrones (The Spoils of War)

This week on The THING Podcast Eric and Matt get back in the bunker to discuss the latest news and cool stuff getting ready to ...


 10 August 2017  49m

Episode 43 - (Eric attempts to talk Matt into seeing) Dunkirk

Episode 43- (Eric attempts to talk Matt into seeing) Dunkirk   The THING is back with a whirlwhind recap of the past week that includes the Traverse ...


 05 August 2017  1h5m

Episode 42 - Traverse City Film Festival

Eric and Matt check-in to chat about the first few weeks back in Westeros! Game of Thrones season 7 is heating up as everyone in ...


 27 July 2017  33m

Episode 41 - Jenni Marion Manian

Matt takes the podcast out of the bunker for a chat with graphic illustrator, and improvisational force of nature, Jenni Marian Manian. They discuss the ...


 21 July 2017  1h4m

Episode 40 - Baby Driver

The boys are back after an (unintended) independence week break. This week they catch up on some exciting THINGs Just In (Stranger Things S2!), recap ...


 14 July 2017  53m

Episode 39 - David Graves

This week, Eric and Matt sit down in the bunker with the founder of Falling Down Stairs Productions for a chat on all things THING. ...


 30 June 2017  1h0m

Episode 38 - Master of None (S2)

Eric and Matt (charmed I'm sure) are back to round up some THINGs Just In from the Stone Age to the Age of Atari. They ...


 24 June 2017  49m