The Sensibly Speaking Podcast

The Sensibly Speaking Podcast is a weekly show, posting a new episode each Saturday, covering current events and topics from a skeptical, humanist and critical thinking approach. Join Chris Shelton, the Critical Thinker at Large, as he goes over varied topics from critical thinking to science to talking in detail about hot topics in the news . Tired of just hearing the mainstream media's interpretation of events? Want some sensible talk? Then join me here each Saturday!

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Sensibly Speaking Podcast #201: How Scientology Deals with Legal Threats

This week I am joined by former Scientologist and very high level Sea Org member Karen de la Carriere to discuss the current legal situation the Church of Scientology finds itself in, how its Office of Special Affairs normally goes about its business a...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #200: Scientology, Freedom of Religion and the Law

This week I welcome Dr. Marci Hamilton to the show. She is a legal scholar and accomplished lawyer who has not only argued before the US Supreme Court but specializes in the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights,



Sensibly Speaking Podcast 199: GPB Capital, Grant Cardone and Scientology

This week I am joined by Jeffrey Augustine as we go whale hunting – Scientology style. We talk about the very recent scandal involving millionaire Scientologist David Gentile, as well as talk about self-proclaimed sales guru Grant Cardone and a lot mor...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #198: The Evangelical Agenda

This week, I am joined again by former Evangelical minister Clint Heacock to talk turkey about the Evangelical agenda. There is a great deal to know and be concerned about here and we go over just some of the schemes and plans that the likes of Jerry F...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #197: Catching Up with Jon Atack

This week, I am finally catching up with Jon Atack, what is happening with the Opening Minds Foundation and lots of other fun topics we take up. Enjoy! Jon’s YouTube channel The Great Courses Plus link


 15 June 2019  1h4m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #196: Being Fair Gamed by Scientology

This week I go on a bit of a rant regarding the subject of fair gaming in Scientology and how recent actions in my life may indicate that the Church is targeting me for harassment more than any time in the past.


 08 June 2019  37m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #195: Let’s Talk about Mental Health

This week, my wife Melissa and I talk about mental health, a workshop I did on suicide prevention, dealing with mental illness and the stigmas around the entire subject.


 01 June 2019  48m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #194: The Anti-Scientology Cult and Ex-Cult Members

This week I take on the idea of there being an “Anti-Scientology Cult” and break down the reasons why I think it’s total balderdash. In the course of doing this, I got into quite a bit of detail about what it’s like for a former cult member in coming o...


 25 May 2019  53m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #193: Are Evangelicals in a Destructive Cult?

Evangelicals make up 1/4 of the US population according to some estimates and this is very concerning given the extremism and literalism of their Biblical belief. In this episode, I interview former Evangelical pastor Clint Heacock about his experience...


 18 May 2019  1h27m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #192: Scientology’s No-Good, Horrible, Very Bad Week

This was a VERY bad week for Scientology, what with their cruise ship getting measles, million dollar lawsuit judgments against them and a whole lot more – let’s just say there’s a lot to comment on here. Enjoy! Tony Ortega article mentioned in the show


 11 May 2019  1h2m