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The Sensibly Speaking Podcast is a weekly show, posting a new episode each Saturday, covering current events and topics from a skeptical, humanist and critical thinking approach. Join Chris Shelton, the Critical Thinker at Large, as he goes over varied topics from critical thinking to science to talking in detail about hot topics in the news . Tired of just hearing the mainstream media's interpretation of events? Want some sensible talk? Then join me here each Saturday!

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Sensibly Speaking Podcast #211: Why Star Wars is Failing and How to Fix It

This week we drop the serious as I have guest Chris Crimey on to discuss how we see the Star Wars saga, where it started and how it has developed and where we think it should go. Enjoy!



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #210: Mark Bunker Takes on Clearwater Scientology

This week I am joined by Wise Beard Man himself, Mark Bunker, to discuss his bid for Clearwater’s city council as well as his history with Scientology including his days with the Lisa McPherson Trust. Enjoy!



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #209: Sovereign Citizens, the Law and You ft. Ciprian Ivanof

Ever since I had John P Capitalist on a few months ago to discuss the “sovereign citizens” movement and some of the legal chicanery they get up to, I’ve had questions about how they misunderstand the law and why.



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #208: Scientology, Trauma and Recovery ft. Dr. Natalie Feinblatt

This week I am joined by Dr. Natalie Feinblatt, trauma and cult recovery specialist who has been treating patients for over 15 years, many of whom were involved with a destructive cult in some way. We discuss the nature of trauma,



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #207: More on GPB Capital and Scientology ft. Dr. Jeff Wasel

This week I am joined by Dr. Jeff Wasel to discuss the recent troubles with GPB Capital and its Scientologist founder, David Gentile. We discuss exactly what happened and why Gentile is in legal trouble and how the entire attitude inculcated in Sciento...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #206: Cult Commentary on “The Family” ft. Clint Heacock

This week I am joined by former Evangelical pastor Clint Heacock to discuss the new documentary “The Family” about covert fundamentalist political influence in Washington DC and around the world. We discuss the cultish overtones of this activity and wh...


 17 August 2019  1h15m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #205: Saving the World and Other Scientology Nonsense

This week I am joined by my wife Melissa for some real talk about further levels of recovery from Scientology indoctrination. This podcast is not a factual breakdown of the phenomena, it’s my very personal take on what has been happening to me recently...


 10 August 2019  59m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #204: Dying (and Living) Outloud ft. Dave Warnock

This week I am joined by Dave Warnock, a man with a terminal illness who is now speaking up and speaking out about his past, present and future with Evangelicalism (he was a preacher), his uncommon description of shunning and how he is now spending his...


 03 August 2019  51m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #203: A Father Fights Scientology for His Daughter

This week I am joined by Michael Creger, a man fighting not only a bitter contest with his ex-wife over custodial rights to their daughter, but has now found himself in that same battle against the Church of Scientology itself,


 27 July 2019  1h17m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #202: Will Politics Be the End of Us?

This week guest Brandon Estrella and I discuss the state of political discourse and American attitudes from the Left and RIght, using the situation at our southern border as an example of how we are all being manipulated to hate one another.


 20 July 2019  1h22m