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The Science Show gives Australians unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate, from the physics of cricket to prime ministerial biorhythms.

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Screens spoiling brains?

Communications skills diminished by excessive screen time Mars InSight lander to monitor Mars interior Is the system stacked against women in science? Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing winner Preethika Mathan Victoria Fellowship to help develop new


 24 November 2018  54m

Here comes the Sun

University of Sydney opens new mathematics research institute Science Museum shines light on the Sun Bats - just squeaks or language? Help for gliders crossing busy roadways Behind the scenes of award-winning science journalism


 17 November 2018  53m

Top women on the good news

Andrew Olle remembered at fund raising dinner Minister blocks bird song research Best Australian Science Writing 2018 Enova puts power into the hands of the community Balliol welcomes its first female master in 755 years Explaining risk New techniques hel


 10 November 2018  54m

Innovation for energy, fertilisers, roads and crops

Finisar team wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation for internet switches Soft plastic used in new road surface Call for non-medical research future fund Ammonia’s big future in fuels and fertiliser Angel Investment Network links scientific start-ups


 03 November 2018  54m

Nature in Oz

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2018 - The teachers Why some victims delay in reporting sexual assault Effects of Brexit and Nature’s approach to deniers of climate science Communicating long-term problems to short-term politicians Dumbing down a mist


 27 October 2018  54m

PM’s Prizes

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2018 Glyphosate one of the safest farm chemicals - Ben Selinger A tribute to sceptic Barry Williams Play explores the culture of team science Time to start climbing back up the cliff - Julian Huppert on Brexit


 20 October 2018  53m