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Is IQ fixed?

How racial prejudice can easily appear in classrooms The human race - a race of one Henry Sutton an inspiration for students at Federation University Project FeederWatch feeds birds, unites people, provides valuable data Fairywren Project collates bird si


 23 March 2019  54m

Stopping the plunge in achievement in STEM at school and university

Understanding not memorization the key to learning maths New approach to teaching hopes to improve retention in STEM Carl Sagan inspires search for life beyond Earth Elements of interest to Australia Racial prejudice from teachers lessens student results


 16 March 2019  54m

HIV, Trump and David Baltimore

New battery launched for life beyond lithium Hunt for exoplanets continues after Kepler David Baltimore - early work led to first HIV drugs Happy 150th birthday to the Periodic Table


 09 March 2019  54m

Reports from the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington DC

Microorganisms produce more CO2 in a warming world Drought, heat and fire leave massive tree graveyards on all continents Biggest nuclear fusion experiment on schedule in southern France The Bail Project helps low income people in NYC Smithsonian Museum a


 02 March 2019  54m

What is life?

Investigating processes which control the expression of genes New chemistry emulates nature Climate politics – it’s short-term gain for some versus long-term well-being for all The secret of life - explanation through new physics


 23 February 2019  53m

Coral spawning, and the hopes and hurdles of assisted evolution

Insect Armageddon? Study shows 'catastrophic' declines in bug numbers. Coral spawning and assisted evolution at Australia's Sea Simulator. Marlon Brando's luxury resort in French Polynesia, supporting research and conservation. The new wave of Chinese sci


 16 February 2019  53m

An ancient whale mystery hidden in the cliffs around Bells Beach

Clues to an ancient whale mystery, in the cliffs of the Victorian Surf Coast. 'Geopoetry' inspired by the work of Australia's first female Professor. The Nobel Prize winner who co-authored a paper with his pet. The Chase continues... with a hunt for the n


 09 February 2019  53m

The vital importance of public enterprise

Scientists awarded in Australia Day honours. Innovative success from sharing risks and rewards amongst public and private research. Antarctic protection vital for ecosystems’ long-term future. SOFIA chases Titan’s shadow across the Tasman Sea. Australia o


 02 February 2019  53m

Holidays in space?

Holidays in space?


 26 January 2019  54m

Science Extra: You're not eating enough fruit and veg

A look back at some big stories of human health from 2018. Why do scientists keep studying the same genes, why are Aussies still not eating enough fruit and veg, and what can we learn from the catastrophic 1918 flu pandemic?


 19 January 2019  13m