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Hard questions and hydrogen

Bees worldwide under serious threat The Rescue Project presents stories of land repair Reducing emissions won’t be enough to limit rising temperatures Coordination required to build a hydrogen-based economy Science should emulate sport in supporting women


 10 August 2019  54m

How did just five species of dinosaurs survive Armageddon 65 million years ago to give us 10,000 species of birds today?

Concerns with funding shift for OECD science Dinosaurs reveal further details of history of life on Earth Field sound recordings show ecosystems changing fast Thomas Harriot - forgotten Elizabethan scientist comes to life The little extras needed to engag


 03 August 2019  54m

Was Einstein right?

How Brexit threatens science. Confirming Einstein’s notion of gravity and general relativity. The Cambrian Explosion - why did it happen? Protection for Ediacaran fossil site near the Flinders Ranges. Submersibles take scientists to deep sea volcanic site


 27 July 2019  54m

Anyone fancy $315 billion?

The voice of Apollo - how ABC science broadcast the Moon landing Open source data the basis of research, democracy and scientifically-based decision making Australia back of the pack in digital innovation University of Tasmania focussed on local challenge


 20 July 2019  53m

Bringing them back

Bringing them back.


 13 July 2019  54m

The library of life on Earth

We've now described about 1.75 million species on our planet - but it's believed there are millions more that we haven't classified yet.


 06 July 2019  54m

Love, feelings, and flavour

Lovers in the lab


 29 June 2019  54m

Taking tech into your own hands

Building your own artificial Pancreas


 22 June 2019  54m

Wild things

The first/last Danish wolf Making Tasmanian devils less Tasmanian How to control Australia's wild dogs A world without humans


 15 June 2019  58m

Nine stories about our nine pints of blood

Most people have a minimum of 9 pints of blood in their bodies. In her book Nine Pints, Rose George takes us on a journey with nine stories exploring the science of blood and our changing attitudes to blood in different cultures.  We produce 2,000,000 new


 08 June 2019  54m