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episode 203: The Best of The Year in Retro Gaming: 2019 - The Retro Hour EP203

We look back on an amazing year in retro, with Charlie Brooker, Retro Man Cave, Shaun Southern and lots more of our favourite guests of 2019.



episode 202: 1980s Home Computer Wars - The Retro Hour EP202

We get the inside story on launching the Commodore 64 and Vic 20, how Commodore inadvertently created the NES and working with Jack Tramiel from Commodore legend Michael Tomczyk.



episode 201: Utah Saints: Atari STs and Golden Joysticks - The Retro Hour EP201

We're joined by Jez and Tim from the legendary Utah Saints about making music on the Atari ST, launching the Philips CD-i and winning a GamesMaster golden joystick.



episode 200: Charlie Brooker: Bandersnatch, Black Mirror, GamesWipe - The Retro Hour EP200

We're joined by the amazing Charlie Brooker to get the inside story on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, co-founding CeX and the time he got a major PC magazine pulled from newsagent shelves!



episode 199: Jet Set Willy on the C64 to Playstation Indie Games with Shahid Ahmad - The Retro Hour EP199

We're joined by Playstation legend Shahid Ahmad about his 30 year plus history, working on games like Chimera for Firebird, porting Jet Set Willy to the C64 and why the Amiga is best machine ever!


 15 November 2019  1h14m

episode 198: The History of Tomb Raider with Heather Gibson - The Retro Hour EP198

We get the history of Tomb Raider 1 and 2 from Heather Gibson, one of the major level designers, artists and the original voice of Lara Croft!


 08 November 2019  1h11m

episode 197: Video Game Rock & Roll Years: My Life in Pixels - The Retro Hour EP197

Shaun McClure gives us the inside story on what it was REALLY like - sleeping under desks when salaries couldn't be paid, destroying priceless computers and working on huge games for Atari, Ocean, Gremlin Activision, Alternative Software and more.


 01 November 2019  1h13m

episode 196: Retro Handheld Consoles with Ashens and The Retro Future - The Retro Hour EP196

We catch up with Stuart Ashen (Ashens) and Elliot Coll from The Retro Future to reminisce about the best and worst of handheld consoles.


 25 October 2019  1h22m

episode 195: Arcade Perfect: The Best and Worst Home Arcade Ports - The Retro Hour EP195

Home arcade ports were always the holy grail back in the day, we reminisce about the times when Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat and other coin-op classics invaded the living room with author David L Craddock.


 18 October 2019  1h8m

episode 194: The Genesis of the Sega Mega Drive and Atari's Lost Dreams - Michael Katz - The Retro Hour EP194

Fired by Sega, lied to by Jack Tramiel, we talk to the man who launched the Sega Mega Drive, tried to turnaround Atari's fortunes and started the handheld gaming market, the amazing Michael Katz is this week's guest.


 11 October 2019  1h20m