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Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news and interviews with industry veterans. New episodes released every Friday!

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episode 195: Arcade Perfect: The Best and Worst Home Arcade Ports - The Retro Hour EP195

Home arcade ports were always the holy grail back in the day, we reminisce about the times when Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat and other coin-op classics invaded the living room with author David L Craddock.



episode 194: The Genesis of the Sega Mega Drive and Atari's Lost Dreams - Michael Katz - The Retro Hour EP194

Fired by Sega, lied to by Jack Tramiel, we talk to the man who launched the Sega Mega Drive, tried to turnaround Atari's fortunes and started the handheld gaming market, the amazing Michael Katz is this week's guest.



episode 193: Bally Midway: Rampage, Xenophobe, Arch Rivals with Brian Colin - The Retro Hour EP193

We get the story behind classics like Rampage, Xenophobe, General Chaos, Spy Hunter and more with the incredible Brian Colin, CEO of Game Refuge Inc.



episode 192: General Magic: The Company Who Saw The Future Too Soon - The Retro Hour EP192

Spurned by Apple, ending in tragedy, General Magic invented the smartphone in 1994! We get the story of the company who saw the future too soon.



episode 191: Electric Playground: 25 Years of Gaming Highs and Lows - The Retro Hour EP191

Electric Playground has been covering the hottest new games and systems since 1995, we talk to the show creator Vic Lucas about the highs and lows of the last 25 years of gaming.


 20 September 2019  1h15m

episode 190: Bleem: How The PlayStation Was Emulated - The Retro Hour EP190

We talk to the man who brought Doom to the SNES, Dragon's Lair to the Amiga and Playstation games to the PC and Dreamcast with Bleem, Randy Linden.


 13 September 2019  1h23m

episode 189: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: The Inside Story with Ralph D'Amato - The Retro Hour EP189

In 1999 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater shook the world when it sold 9 million copies and changed the skateboarding scene forever. We get the inside story with main producer, Ralph D'Amato.


 06 September 2019  1h9m

episode 188: Arcade Attack - The Retro Hour EP188

We reminisce and debate about classic games and systems, was the MegaDrive better than the SNES, has retro peaked, was Rise of The Robots really that bad? And more, with the guys from the amazing Arcade Attack podcast.


 30 August 2019  1h20m

episode 187: The Best British Gaming Magazines Ever with Steve Jarratt - The Retro Hour EP187

Steve Jarratt has worked on some of the biggest video games magazines ever, we get his memories of Edge, Official Playstation Magazine, Amiga Format, ZZap!64 and more.


 23 August 2019  1h18m

episode 186: Happy Console Gamer - Johnny Millennium - The Retro Hour EP186

We get some nostalgic happy gaming memories with Johnny Millennium from the Happy Console Gamer on Youtube.


 16 August 2019  1h14m