The Poscast with Joe Posnanski & Michael Schur

Sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski and The Good Place's Michael Schur.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 155 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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The PosCast Episode 15 -- The Chain Gang

Michael and Joe talk set record for longest PosCast ever and yet somehow still don't say anything worthwhile. They talk about the opposing but competing awesomeness of the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, make an early Yankee prediction an...


 09 December 2015  1h16m

The PosCast Episode 14 -- The Apology

Michael and Joe have an intense nine-issue faux argument about the Tom Brady supension but the fireworks do no really begin until they draft months of the year. They make bold and not-so-bold predicions for baseball playoffs. Also: Joe apologizes.


 05 September 2015  56m

The PosCast Episode 13 -- Emotional

Michael and Joe -- but especially Michael -- dive into this controversy, you might have heard about it, involving Tom Brady and the Patriots and deflated footballs. Someone should come up with a name for that. Joe tries to sneak in a plug for his new b...


 27 June 2015  1h2m

The PosCast Episode 12 -- Baseball

Michael and Joe are talking baseball ... and talking baseball ... and talking baseball. They begin the longest PosCast yet by faux arguing about pace of place, which is something resembling irony. They they tell unveil who will win the World Series, so...


 21 March 2015  1h17m

The PosCast Episode 11 -- Fear Itself

A new PosCast theme song by Michael Bogdanow! Michael begins the longest Poscast in a while by somewhat sheepishly relishing yet another Boston championship. Joe and Michael faux argue about Pete Carroll's final call in the Super Bowl. Then they draft ...


 09 February 2015  1h11m

The Poscast Episode 10 -- Pie Fight

Michael and Joe waste another hour talking vaguely about the Royals, the lack of offense in baseball and the designated hitter. They then jump into their most contentious draft yet. It goes without saying that their draft is about fruit.


 14 November 2014  54m

The Poscast Episode 9 -- Lady Byng

Michael and Joe actually hold a Poscast to under an hour. Topics include the Oakland A's collapse, the Washington Nationals rise, and World Series predictions. The draft this week involves awards, and it is clear that Michael and Joe had a very differe...


 15 September 2014  48m

The Poscast Episode 8 -- Pure Hitters

Michael and Joe work extremely hard to keep the PosCast time under an hour ... and then fail to do so. Topics include: The first place Kansas City Royals, soccer in America, whether there ever will be a .400 hitter and the depressing saga of Albert Puj...


 19 June 2014  1h5m

The Poscast Episode 7 -- Penalties

Michael and Joe, after putting in safeguards to keep them from yammering on too long, promptly have their longest podcast of the season. Topics discussed include: The palpable sadness of this Derek Jeter farewell tour, their massive disagreement over t...


 06 May 2014  1h8m

The PosCast Episode 6 -- Superheroes

Michael and Joe create a new segment specially designed to shorten the PosCast, and then incoherently draft superheroes for way too long. Topics covered include the incompetence of Dan Snyder, the uselessness of Aquaman, the lack of restraint of the Su...


 18 April 2014  58m