The Michael Kay Show

The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

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The Michael Kay Show: 9/14/16

The Yanks and Mets are fighting for their playoff lives and are sabermetrics underrated or overrated in sports? Plus, which sporting event would you go back in time to attend?


 14 September 2016  52m

Mike Pereira : 9/14/16

Mike Pereira talks about his experiences as an NFL Referee, interpreting rules, the role of replay in today's game.


 14 September 2016  30m

Buster Olney: 9/14/16

Buster Olney discuss if the Mets can hold on to their Wild Card spot and if the Yankees can make their way into the playoffs.


 14 September 2016  9m

The Michael Kay Show: 9/13/16

While the Yankees made it interesting, is it time for their fans to let go of playoff hopes? Plus, is Michael a bad guy for something he did to Peter?


 13 September 2016  55m

Janoris Jenkins: 9/13/16

Janoris Jenkins talks about the best DBs in the league and what he expects from the Saints on Sunday.


 13 September 2016  8m

Wally Backman: 9/13/16

Wally Backman talks about leaving the Mets organization and how he felt he was treated in terms of promotions and promises.


 13 September 2016  22m

The Michael Kay Show: 9/12/16

The Jets lost a heartbreaking game in Week 1, so is there any truth to Darrelle Revis being 'done'? Plus, Victor Cruz returns in style for the Giants in a win!


 12 September 2016  53m

Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles: 9/12/16

Jets Head Coach Bowles is on to Buffalo after the Jets' loss to the Bengals.


 12 September 2016  6m

Joe Namath: 9/12/16

Joe Namath talks about the Jets loss in Week 1, playing football in Los Angeles, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick's protests.


 12 September 2016  28m

Justin Tuck: 9/12/16

Justin Tuck talks about Victor Cruz getting back in the end zone and the Giants' defeat of the Cowboys. Plus, did spending all that money on defense pay off?


 12 September 2016  11m