The Mead House

The Mead House podcast, 3 guys sitting around the table talking mead, and on occasion wander out into the yard and talk home brewing. Fun, entertaining and instructional, The Mead House will provide you with 90 minutes of home brewing entertainment you don't want to miss!

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Episode 112

Were back! In this episode, Gary Glass, Director of American Homebrewers Association is our guest this week, he talks about the advantages of joining AHA, the largest beer competition, HomeBrewCon and more! Ryan gives an update on Iron Bee, if youre look


 30 January 2019  1h35m

Mead House Episode 111

In this episode, Mead House is thankful for the many guests who have appeared on our podcast, and we’ve taken a little inspiration from a few of our discussions. We hope you do too! Also, Ryan has a significant update to the Iron Bee, we’ve p


 09 January 2019  1h41m

Mead House Episode 110

In this episode, Justin Amaral, owner of Mainiacal Yeast Labs joins us for a discussion on alternative and wild fermentation. Ryan has the 411 on a great braggot recipe that is easy to make and comes with a few variables, Jeff tweaks our sweet tooth with


 03 January 2019  1h27m

Mead House Episode 109

“Transforming fruit through salt curing, smoking, lacto fermentation, acid and heat denaturing, drying, and spontaneously fermenting prior to adding them to beers has been a real game changer for me. “ – Jeff Airman from Paradox Beer Co


 27 December 2018  1h42m

Mead House Episode 108

In this episode, Mead House keyholder club member, Kevin McCann joins us at the bar. Kevin is an avid Mead House podcast listener, and gives us a little insight on his mead making and brewing. Kevin has also found a unique way to re-purpose spent grains


 19 December 2018  1h54m

Mead House Episode 107

In this episode, Certified Spirits Specialist, Chris Trevino, joins the guys in a discussion about aromas and tastes, training your nose to recognize and pick out certain aromas. Chris also has a YouTube channel, LiquorHound with over 4 million viewers.


 12 December 2018  1h34m

Mead House Episode 106

In this episode, we welcome back for a third visit, Ash Fischbein , owner of Sap House Meadery. Ash  gives us some inspiration with his barrel projects and says while there are just several bottles left, the mirepoix mead is still very much alive! Christ


 05 December 2018  1h34m

Mead House Episode 105

In this episode, Jim Ladd, owner of Cascade Beer Candi Syrup Company stops in for as visit. A unique method of adding flavors to beers, meads and cider/cysers, Jim explains how one flavor, Maple Bacon Candi Syrup is great for stouts and porters. Jim talk


 14 November 2018  1h36m

Mead House Episode 104

In this episode, Matt Falenski, owner of Laurel Highlands Meadery in Pennsylvania stops by for a chat on home mead making and offers some tips. Jeff wonders about sanitizing and dry-hopping ingredients in session meads because of the low alcohol, and we


 07 November 2018  1h38m

The Mead House Episode 103

Home meadmaker and martial arts instructor Jonny Sinwali stops by the Mead House to talk about his braggot experiment he worked on. With honey prices increasing, the crew talks about a way to stretch your honey out with session meads, and we round out th


 31 October 2018  1h33m