The Kindle Chronicles

A weekly podcast about the Kindle and eBooks with in-depth conversations with guests--authors, technology experts, book industry analysts, Amazon execs, educators, agents, readers, and more.

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TKC 572 Kindles on the Beach!

Stacey Lamberti, left, and Amy Stevens Interviews start at 15:05 and end at 45:57 News “Amazon Prime Day Topped $7 Billion: Internet Retailer” by Annie Gaus at TheStreet - July 18, 2019 Amazon press release on Prime Day results Interviews with...



TKC 571 Bradley Metrock

Presenter of Digital Book World Sept. 10-12 in Nashville Interview starts at 17:04 and ends at 54:36 “This is a very unique conference. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s time well spent for anybody who touches in any way publishing or...



TKC 570 Author Lauren Mechling

Author of How Could She: A Novel Interview starts at 17:29 and ends at 45:54 “This book is about female friendship and how devastating and wonderful it can be.” (Photo Copyright by Nina Subin) News “50 Million Americans Are Queuing Up For...



TKC 569 Chris Schluep & Erin Kodicek

Just a few of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year So Far Interview starts at 12:58 and ends at 45:20 “(Erin Kodicek:) So June is the halfway marker for the year, and it’s also a time when a lot of people are going on vacation. So they’re going to...



TKC 568 Noah Magel in Munich

Co-founder of N2Kindle Interview starts at 19:21 and ends at 49:24 “The thing that we’re doing is we’re changing the newsletter into a Kindle-friendly format, and then we forward them automatically. It would be a huge hassle to do that by...



TKC 567 Neal Thompson

Manager of the Amazon Literary Partnership Interview starts at 15:41 and ends at 52:45 “I feel strongly that everyone has a story, and everyone deserves to have the opportunity to tell their story. The rest of us don’t have an obligation to buy...


 15 June 2019  54m

TKC 566 Amazon Previews the Future at re:MARS

Your Host beside the Blue Origin capsule Links Excerpts from Jeff Bezos’s fireside chat at re:MARS on June 6, 2019 AI Today podcast hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer of Cognilytica Next Week’s Guest Neal Thompson, director of the Amazon...


 08 June 2019  52m

TKC 565 Author John Rossman

Author of Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas To Become a Digital Leader Interview starts at 2:38 and ends at 35:46 “I don’t think that part of the story of Amazon and Bezos gets told enough, about how he bet on himself and on the idea of Amazon. They...


 01 June 2019  47m

TKC 564 Kindle Tips from Tracy Schultz

Amazon’s Head of Product for Kindle Reading Interview starts at 18:29 and ends at 47:37 News “How creepy is your smart speaker” in The Economist - May 11, 2019 Alexa Guard “Amazon Alexa’s New ‘Guard’ Can Help Keep Your Home Safe While...


 25 May 2019  49m

TKC 563 Technology for the Blind

Peter Tighe, my cousin who lives in Austin Interview starts at 11:09 and ends at 38:27 News Amazon updates the Fire 7 Tablet - press release on May 16, 2019 Tech Tip Nadene Laird’s review of the MobiScribe E Ink tablet Interview with Peter Tighe...


 18 May 2019  45m