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Ever find yourself in a conversation about race and identity where you just get...stuck? Code Switch can help. We're all journalists of color, and this isn't just the work we do. It's the lives we lead. Sometimes, we'll make you laugh. Other times, you'll get uncomfortable. But we'll always be unflinchingly honest and empathetic. Come mix it up with us.

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Why Do We Still Use QWERTY Keyboards?

The story behind the first six keyboard letters are driven by economics.


 16 April 2019  9m

The Cost Of Measles

The cost of a measles outbreak - to individuals, families, communities, and the country - is high.


 15 April 2019  8m

Solving Problems Caused By International Trade

Free trade may solve problems for businesses transacting across borders, but it can make life painful for their workers.


 12 April 2019  9m

Changing The World

What does it take to change the world for the better? This hour, TED speakers explore ideas on activism—what motivates it, why it matters, and how each of us can make a difference. Guests include civil rights activist Ruby Sales, labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, author Jeremy Heimans, "craftivist" Sarah Corbett, and designer and futurist Angela Oguntala.


 12 April 2019  54m

How Trade Helps Explain Inequality

Trade makes for peaceful relationships between nations, but gains for consumers and workers aren't spread evenly.


 11 April 2019  8m

The Maple Syrup Cartel

Prices for most agricultural products change with supply and demand. Not maple syrup.


 10 April 2019  9m

Love & Walkouts

In 1968, thousands of students participated in a series of protests for equity in education that sparked the Chicano Movement. But for two of the students at one struggling high school, that civil unrest — which became known as East L.A. Walkouts — also marked the beginning of a 50-year romance. This week, Code Switch is cosigning that love story, brought to us by our play-cousins at Latino USA.


 10 April 2019  33m

Trade War With Cheese: Trump's New EU Tariffs

A new round of U.S. tariffs could hit European wine, cheese, aircraft, and escargots.


 09 April 2019  9m

How To Measure Happiness

The U.S. is one of the world's largest economies, but it lags when it comes to happiness: the World Happiness Report ranks America number 19.


 08 April 2019  9m

Jobs Friday: Chillaxing Edition

Happy Jobs Friday! The economy is still adding jobs, unemployment remains low, and wage growth is fine. It's all good...right?


 05 April 2019  8m