The Greatest Generation

The hilarious Star Trek review show you never knew you needed. Revisit TNG and DS9 with two friends who are a little bit embarrassed to be sharing their rewatch of these beloved series with the world. Tens of thousands of Friends of DeSoto can't be wrong!

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episode 290: Yeomans are for Fucking (DS9 S5E16)

When Dr. Bashir’s parents discovered they had a Ralph on their hands, his paste-eating was cured at the genetic level. But when those same parents accidentally reveal their conspiracy at his workplace, he has a difficult choice to make. What’s the worst



episode 289: Zeal for Ziyal (DS9 S5E15)

When Dukat makes a Faustian bargain with the Dominion, it comes out of left field for the entire crew of Deep Space Nine. But when the station’s imprisoned crewmen place all their hopes of escape on Garak’s shoulders, he’ll have to overcome his deepest f



episode 288: Raktajino is for Closers Only (DS9 S5E14)

When Garak receives a call for help from the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko throws him the keys to a runabout (as long as Worf drives). But when the wormhole begins dumping ticks all over DS9, Sisko decides to seal it up, which would leave them marooned on the ot



episode 287: Shampoo Holocaust (DS9 S5E13)

When the Captain goes undercover in the Star Trek caves, it’s finally time for him to toast one of his enemies. But when the pillow fight of arguments takes an ugly turn, a badly damaged Defiant is the only ship Starfleet can use to stop the Mayquees. Do



episode 286: Liquor Sherpa (DS9 S5E12)

When Major Kira begins the birthing process, Odo is coincidentally also “with child.” But when complications arise during their entries into the world, daddy issues strike both parents at once. Does anybody get off from comedy edging? Will O’Brien miss b


 04 November 2019  1h7m

episode 285: Once a Vigilante, Always a Vigilante (DS9 S5E11)

When someone in the neighborhood starts killing nursing students, only those nursing students are in fact former members of the Shakaar Resistance Cell, only one Major can stop the killing. But when she doesn’t stop the killing, Kira sets out to do a lit


 28 October 2019  1h6m

episode 286: The Bajoranchelor (DS9 S5E10)

When Captain Sisko enhances a piece of Bajoran artwork, it begins a trip of mind-expanding exploration. But when a lenient Admiral lets Sisko skip a drug test, it means he might not ever come back down from his high. Who decides on carpet for a holosuite


 21 October 2019  1h12m

episode 283: The Work of Idiots (DS9 S5E9)

When Odo finally gets an excuse to remand Quark into Federation custody, he’s remarkably incurious about whether the bartender is even guilty. But when an Orion bomb strands them on Planet Yosemite, the old adversaries will come to form a bond that only


 14 October 2019  1h19m

Also What My Wife Says (Wrath of Khan - Bonus Episode)

When a new tour’s tickets are on sale, Ben and Adam decide to share a rare bonus episode with the public feed. But when their live show about Wrath of Khan is recorded in a synagogue, these vulgar podcasters will face their biggest challenge yet. Will Ki


 11 October 2019  1h35m

episode 283: The Sistine Chapel of Foreheads (DS9 S5E8)

When a pattern of dangerous off-station conference attendance emerges, it’s Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak caught in the storm this time. But when it’s revealed that the story they experienced was all a dream, the fallout from their shared experience is all t


 07 October 2019  58m