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Hosts SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror discuss the latest and greatest the horror world has to offer. Each episode features two movie reviews and "Horror Business," the latest news in movies, TV, comics, video games, and more. Oh, and dick jokes. Lots of dick jokes. New episodes every other Wednesday.

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Episode 145 – Doctor Sleep/Girl on the Third Floor

Good morning, kiddos! Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey because it's time to indulge in a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast! We kick things off by giving a special shout-out to our Grave Plot Film Fest sponsors and Indiegogo backers.



Episode 144 – In the Tall Grass/The Banana Splits Movie

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Another Octoberama has come and gone and boy, are my arms tired. We get back on track with a regular episode, kicking off with a Real World Horror story about an online petition attempting to sh...


 06 November 2019  2h9m

Octoberama 2019, Vol. 5: Haunt/Candy Corn

It's time to bring Octoberama 2019 to its fitting end, with our annual Halloween special. We've got a trick for you in that there is no Horror Business, but we've got treats in the form of two Halloween-themed film reviews.


 30 October 2019  1h18m

Octoberama 2019, Vol. 4: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane/May

Hello ladies! This episode is dedicated to the females of the species because it's the first ever Week of the Lady Killers! That's killer ladies, featuring some of the most ruthless women ever caught on celluloid.


 25 October 2019  2h4m

Octoberama 2019, Vol. 3: The Hills Have Eyes/Cannibal Holocaust

This episode tastes like chicken. Grab a knife and fork because it's time to take a big ol' bite of the first ever Week of the Cannibal. There is no Horror Business appetizers with your meal, allowing you to feast upon today's main course,


 16 October 2019  1h12m

Octoberama 2019, Vol. 2: Shaun of the Dead/Fido

Six years. Six years we've been doing this song and dance. AND WE JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. Octoberama keeps shambling along as we celebrate Week of the Zombie with zombie comedies Shaun of the Dead and Fido.


 09 October 2019  2h29m

Octoberama 2019, Vol. 1: Bram Stoker’s Dracula/Dracula 2000

Welcome, one and all, to the 2019 edition of Octoberama! We'll warn you that this episode sucks, because we kick things off with Week of the Vampire! This year's selection specifically focuses on the most famous bloodsucker of them all - no,


 02 October 2019  1h51m

Episode 143 – 3 From Hell/Satanic Panic

Hell yeah. We're back with a devilish new episode! We kick things off with Horror Business and yes, Tony forgot to do the thing (this audio error gets corrected for the reviews). In Real World Horror, we talk about a new home renovation show featuri...


 25 September 2019  2h15m

Episode 142 – It Chapter Two/Gags the Clown

This episode is no laughing matter as we're headed under the big top for another tribute to creepy clowns. Before we get out the grease paint, though, let's talk about some Horror Business. In Real World Horror,


 11 September 2019  2h24m

Episode 141 – Friday the 13th Part 2/Madman

Before summer ends, we're going to head to camp. We're saluting the classic summer camp slasher film in our brand new episode. Today we discuss the first appearance of Jason Voorhees as a hulking serial killer in Friday the 13th Part 2,


 28 August 2019  2h29m